Bobby Brown on Bobbi Kristina: "Her Mom Taught Her Well!"

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Bobby Brown is tired of being painted as the bad boy and villain when it comes to his late ex-wife Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. In his exclusive interview with Matt Lauer , the "My Prerogative" singer appeared calmer and more sophisticated than we've seen him in the past. Brown had plenty to say about the misconceptions surrounding his family, and even included his other kids in the interview to speak up for him.

The public consciousness is still fragile where stories of Whitney are concerned. After all, her family, friends and fans just lost the embattled songstress a few months ago in February. In yesterday's portion of the interview Bobby made it clear that he was not the one who introduced "The Bodyguard" actress to a life on the drugs that contributed to her death. Now, he continues his " Today Show " conversation about other hot topics surrounding this tragic and controversial story.

Here's What Bobby Has To Say Now About:

Bobbi Kristina

Bobby emphatically insisted to Lauer that Bobbi Kris is not on drugs . He said that she tells him "everything" and he "would know" if this was the case. Brown's other children from previous relationships were also on hand. Landon made it clear to Matt that Bobby was a great dad to them all. LaPrincia Brown said that she was "always close" with Krissy and Bobby Brown, Jr. insisted that they would be there for their sister whenever she is ready. About Whitney's daughter, dad Bobby explained, "her mom taught her well."

Whitney's Funeral

Who could forget the upsetting moments in Whitney's televised " Homegoing Service " when it appeared that Bobby and an entourage were leaving in a huff. Well it turns out that the entourage was his children, who were arriving to pay respects to their late stepmother and to support their sister.

Krissy & Nick

Matt asked the onetime " Being Bobby Brown " star about the alleged relationship between Krissy and her adopted brother Nick Gordon. Although Whitney raised the two as brother and sister, Nick was never formally adopted. Bobby confessed to Matt that he asked BK about the matter and his daughter denied it. He says that he has no reason to doubt her but called Nick "a good kid."

Cissy Houston

The New Edition singer says that he has reached out to Cissy Houston, Whitney's mother, to no avail. Recently, it was rumored that Cissy felt " vindicated " by Brown's last arrest. A respectful Mr. Brown said that he would be there whenever Cissy was ready to talk to him. Lauer explained that Bobbi Kristina was invited to participate in the conversation but declined.

So what do you think? Is Bobby turning over a new leaf? Is his manager and fiancee Alicia, also a part of the interview, a positive influence in his life?

Is Bobby right not to be overly worried about Bobbi Kris' lifestyle? Is Krissy being honest with him about not dating Nick and being drug free?

Sound off!

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