Bobby Brown Arrested Again: His Most Infamous Arrests

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Bobby Brown is no stranger to trouble, so the latest bit of news involving him isn't too much of a shock. The singer, who was famously married to the late Whitney Houston, has been arrested again. For the second time this year, Bobby was busted with a DUI charge. He was previously arrested for the same crime in March. As a result of that charge, Bobby spent time in a rehab facility in August. Obviously, the recently remarried star is still having issues when it comes to staying out of trouble. Throughout his life, Bobby has had plenty of run-ins with the law. Here is a look back at his most notable arrests.

1996 DUI arrest

Bobby has had many run-ins with the law during his days on tour, most of which relate to drug issues. However, his 1996 DUI arrest is arguably his most infamous arrest. In addition to being charged with drunk driving, Bobby was also charged with resisting arrest after he swore at police officers. In addition, he reportedly urinated in the back seat of a cop car. This bust went a long way in helping him earn the bad boy image he became famous for having.

2003 domestic abuse arrest

During his marriage to Whitney, domestic abuse was a frequent topic of gossip. The ugliest incident between the two unfolded in 2003, when Bobby was busted for battery against his wife. According to reports, Bobby threatened to beat her and left her with several abuse marks. He turned himself into Georgia police, and his wife was there to support him. "We're still together," she said as she left the courthouse with her then-husband.

2004 arrest for missed child support payments

Bobby's strained relationship with Bobbi Kristina has led many to question his reputation as a father, but he had problems in that area long before now. The singer, who also has children from relationships outside of his marriage to Whitney, has had several issues when it comes to child support payments. In 2004, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail after missing several months of payments. Bobby avoided the jail term when he made back payments, but he was busted again for similar issues in 2006.

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