Bobbi Kristina Brown and boyfriend involved in mysterious single-car accident: report

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Gordon and Brown. (WireImage)

One week after tweeting a photo of himself driving while holding a gun, Nick Gordon, boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown, has crashed his car … under very mysterious circumstances. TMZ reports that the 22-year-old was arguing with Whitney Houston’s daughter when he somehow lost control of his black 2012 Camaro. Although the airbags were deployed, the front bumper was torn off, and the front right tire fell off, Gordon did not call police or 911 for help.

In fact, law enforcement in Alpharetta, Georgia, was only made aware of the single-car crash when a unit was called by a neighbor to check out a disturbance at the couple’s apartment. According to TMZ’s sources, neither Gordon nor 19-year-old Brown answered the door, but police did notice the banged-up car parked outside with its hazard lights flashing.

Police are investigating the strange incident, although Gordon is telling his side of the story on Twitter. On Wednesday, he clarified that he was the only passenger in the Camaro at the time of the crash, adding that he was still “a little sore.” Two hours later, he continued, “If I'm sore and I said nobody is in the car obviously I was in there.”

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The damage to Nick Gordon's car after the crash. (courtesy of TMZ)

On September 19, Gordon – who was raised by Houston, although there is no blood relation to the family – tweeted a photo of himself holding a gun in his right hand while steering the wheel of his car with his left … and the Twitterverse exploded with fear for Brown. Gordon quickly took the photo down and tweeted, “I apologize for posting a picture with my registered gun. That's not what we stand for and I didn't harm by it, it's a collectors item. Moving forward I'll obviously be more mindful/thoughtful about how my actions influence others and reflect on the ppl I love and care about.”

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