Biggest SAG Snubs!

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Biggest SAG Snubs!

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Biggest SAG Snubs!

OK, now that I've come down off my SAG Nominations high (Yay Coach Taylor! Yay crazy Jessica Lange!) I'm realizing just how many of my favorite 2011 performances were rudely snubbed by the Screen Actors Guild.

So here are the 10 (5 film and 5 TV) biggest, most horrible snubs of this early morning.

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Snubbed! Homeland for Best Ensemble and Claire Danes For Lead Actress, Drama
What the fudge? Is no one in the guild watching what, could very well be, TV's best drama? Not only is it gripping and topical, but Damian Lewis' work as a tortured (both literally and metaphorically) P.O.W who might have become a terrorist while in captivity, Morena Baccarin's performance as a put upon wife who was recently putting out and Mandy Patinkin's beard. That thing deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award!

Snubbed! Evan Rachel Wood for Best Supporting Actress in The Ides of March
I don't know why but the guilds seem to hate ERW. What other reasoning could there be for her repeated snubbing -- I'm still sore over her lack of an Oscar for 2003's Thirteen -- and now we can add this year's drama to the list since she turned a political procedural into a deeply moving emotional showpiece.

Snubbed! Zooey Deschanel for Lead Actress, Comedy
I know Zooey may not be everyone's cup of tea, but how can you not be charmed enough to recognize her infectious performance on TV's best new comedy? This one New Girl scene alone should have locked up her nod.

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Snubbed! Drive for Outstanding Ensemble and Ryan Gosling for ... anything!
The man had a banner year on the big screen, with three divergent performances in Drive, Crazy Stupid Love and The Ides of March -- each worthy of some recognition. Personally, I was pulling for his nod to come from Drive since it's one of my favorites and also one that was snubbed in the Ensemble category.

Snubbed! Connie Britton for Lead Actress, Drama
She had two shows, filled with resplendent work, the Guild could have recognized with Friday Night Lights and American Horror Story both airing during qualification period. Although, if I were a betting man, it would be logical (crazy, but logical) to guess that her work on AHS kind of erased all memory of Mrs. Coach from voters minds.

Snubbed! Hugo for Best Ensemble
I j'adored this gorgeous film -- from the story to the cast to the score to the visuals to the popcorn I devoured during it. Slightly salted with a spring of butter. C'est magnifique! Just like this Amelie meets Cinema Paridiso experience.

Snubbed! Jim Parsons for Best Actor, Comedy
I mean ... what does a fella have to do in order for you to recognize his talent? Win two Emmys? Star on TV's most popular comedy? Make a cameo in The Muppets? Be adorable in interviews that prove he's nothing like his small screen doppelganger? OK, well, he's done all of that, so what's the hold up?

Snubbed! Michael Fassbender for Best Actor, Drama
Fassbender's performance in Shame was one of the year's bravest and barest. Yes, he went full-frontal but I was more impressed with how fully the character exposed his soul in the tremendous and tough to watch drama.

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