'Big C' Enters Last Season with Major Changes

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'Big C' Enters Last Season with Major Changes

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'Big C' Enters Last Season with Major Changes

The Big C will return to Showtime next year, but it will be its final season.

The dramedy starring Emmy winner Laura Linney (Cathy Jamison) will deviate from its normal format in the fourth season, being aired in four hour-long episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Showtime originally aired 13 episodes in half-hour blocks. The Big C's third season saw a shorter order, going from 13 episodes to 10.

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Series star John Benjamin Hickey (Sean Tolkey) spoke with ETonline last month, spilling his thoughts on the third season, saying, "You know, it's been a highly controversial season, but I just continue to love that about the people who do this show. It's so bold."

John went on to share his hopes for where the show would go next, saying, "If we get a fourth season, I would love for Sean to be well enough and present enough to really be there for Cathy -- and for her to know that."

According to Showtime Entertainment president David Nevins, the series finale will give fans plenty to talk about.

"From its inception, the show has been unique, and we've found a creative way to bring conclusion to Cathy's story," David promised THR.

The Big C airs Sunday at 9:30 p.m. on Showtime.

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