'The Big Bang Theory' Deserves Another Shot at a Golden Globe

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'The Big Bang Theory' Deserves Another Shot at a Golden Globe

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Mayim Bialik is just one of the reasons "The Big Bang Theory" is a great show.

"The Big Bang Theory" is a sitcom unlike any other on television. The ensemble cast, quality writing, and its use of guest stars make the show an excellent Golden Globe pick. Here is a closer look at why "The Big Bang Theory" deserves a nod for best television series- comedy or musical.

Ensemble Cast

Unlike some sitcoms, there is no one star of the show. Even the supporting characters have roles that can stand on their own. The additions of Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch to the cast have given the show a broader appeal to both men and women. Each character in the show has a rich back-story, and makes the viewer want to know more about them. It is rare for a comedy to have such a well-rounded ensemble cast that works so perfectly together. Johnny Galecki was nominated for a Golden Globe for the show in 2011, and Jim Parsons was nominated and won in 2010. The show was nominated for best comedy in 2010.

Quality Writing

On paper, a comedy about four brainy scientists looking for love might sound a little strange. The writers on the show have managed to put together a program that injects humor into science and makes physics seem appealing. The jokes are written so that everyone can understand them, even when they are about complex scientific principles, without making the audience feel dumb. That takes skill, and the writers on "The Big Bang Theory" have it.

Great Guest Spots

The guest stars that have appeared on the show include some of the most famous names in science and technology, but are also easily recognizable by those who aren't tech geeks or comic book fans. Scientists Neal deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, and comic book writer Stan Lee have all made notable appearances. Actor Wil Wheaton has a recurring guest role as himself; he plays a slightly evil comic fanboy that is worthy of a Golden Globe nomination on its own.

"The Big Bang Theory" is a comedy series that can appeal to people young and old, without losing its edge or its humor. The excellent acting, writing, and casting make it a good bet for a Golden Globe nomination this year.

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