Beyonce Sings the National Anthem at the Inauguration - Who Else Has Done 'The Star Spangled Banner' Justice?

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Beyonce Sings the National Anthem at the Inauguration - Who Else Has Done 'The Star Spangled Banner' Justice?

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At President Barack Obama's second inauguration ceremony, Beyonce gave a terrific performance of the national anthem, although rumors are already swirling that she lip-synched the entire thing! Whether or not the lip-synching rumors are true, remains a mystery, but Beyonce isn't the only singer to do the "Star Spangled Banner" justice. Here's a look at other artists who have given their own iconic performances of the song.

Carrie Underwood

At the 2010 Superbowl, Underwood sang the national anthem a capella, ending the streak of singers using backing tracks since 1993. While the last note of the song was a bit wobbly, the song as a whole was fantastic, and it's no small feat to sing a difficult song without any help in front of that many people.

The Dixie Chicks

The country trio brought their own flavor to the anthem at the 2003 Superbowl. While many singers are criticized for trying to make the song their own, they pulled it off without a hitch. Some critics panned their performance as a bit gimmicky, but they were mostly praised for the effort.

Jimi Hendrix

One of the most iconic renditions of the song has to be Hendrix's all guitar solo at Woodstock in 1969. No voices or words are needed because the guitar does everything it needs to do. His version of the song quickly became it's own political protest against the Vietnam War.

Whitney Houston

When Whitney sang the "Star Spangled Banner" at the 1991 Superbowl, it was named "the greatest national anthem in sports history, and she changed the way people sang the song forever. Her powerful vocals set against the backdrop of a country ten days into war, and ending with a crescendo of fighter planes, was easily the best version of the national anthem. Though she recorded the track in a studio and lip synced it live, it didn't take anything away from the power of the performance, which will always be the one to beat.

What did you think of Beyonce's version of the national anthem? Does it make the top five or was it just another performance? Whether you loved it or thought it could be better, it will definitely be a memorable part of the historic day.

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