Beyonce Illuminati Allegations: Why She Keeps Getting Linked to the Secret Society

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Beyonce Illuminati Allegations: Why She Keeps Getting Linked to the Secret Society

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Beyonce announced that she is preggers.

Beyonce's Super Bowl performance definitely had her BeyHive buzzing, but some conspiracy theorists weren't "crazy in love" with her elaborate show -- instead they chose to criticize Queen Bey for throwing up what they claim was an Illuminati symbol.

The Illuminati are allegedly a super-secret society of powerful individuals who use their wealth and influence to shape the course of world events, and there are quite a few singers who are rumored to be members of the group.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Beyonce paid tribute to the secret society by making a diamond-shaped sign with her hands during her Super Bowl halftime show, but the sign was probably just a reference to hubby Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella records. Roc-A-Fella uses the diamond as its symbol, and Jigga makes the same hand sign all the time.

The Carter family has been plagued by the Illuminati rumors for years, and Bey's halftime show hand sign isn't even close to being the craziest conspiracy theory about her connection to the society. Here's a look at more of the dubious "evidence" that she and Jay-Z are members of the shadowy organization:

Blue Ivy's Bizarre Name

Yes, the name Blue Ivy is a little strange, but it's even stranger that some conspiracy theorists believe that "IVY" is an acronym for "Illuminati's Very Youngest." It's more likely that it's a reference to the Roman numeral for 4 (IV) since the Carters seem so obsessed with the number.

The Roc-A-Fella Sign

Some believe that Jigga's Roc-A-Fella hand sign is actually meant to be an Illuminati symbol called the All-Seeing Eye and that the name Roc-A-Fella references rumored Illuminati member John D. Rockefeller. However, since the All-Seeing Eye is on the back of our money and since Rockefeller was a very wealthy man, perhaps Jay-Z is just paying tribute to the green stuff that we all love so much.

Sasha Fierce's Scary Wardrobe

While in character as her alter-ego Sasha Fierce, Bey was photographed wearing a corset featuring the face of Baphomet. Baphomet is a goat-like pagan deity associated with the Freemasons, another secret group linked to the Illuminati. Maybe she just rocked the creepy corset because she thought it was crazy like Sasha Fierce.

The All-Seeing Eyes on Mrs. Carter's Feet

Last November Bey was photographed wearing a pair of shoes adorned with eyes. To some the imagery brought to mind the same All-Seeing Eye mentioned above, and the conspiracy theorists took to Twitter to claim that the artsy footwear is proof that Mrs. Carter is a card-carrying Illuminati member.

The shoes in question feature profiles of female faces that somewhat resemble the gigantic, illuminated faces that adorned Bey's Super Bowl stage. It's been pointed out that the space in the middle of the faces formed the shape of a chalice or vase. So was this another Illuminati reference? Maybe the stage was supposed to represent the Holy Grail!

But who cares? It wouldn't be so bad if Bey ruled a world that celebrated single ladies and bootyliciousness. And to think we thought that Bey singing live instead of lip-syncing would silence the haters.

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