Beyonce Embarrasses Princess Eugenie and Makes Crazy Tour Rider Demands

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Photo Drama: Beyonce’s Ban, Topless Kate Photos Charges, and Justin Bieber's Cleavage Tattoo

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Beyonce bans photographers from her Mrs. Carter World Tour

Beyonce recently turned one of her concerts into a royal pain for a royal member of her audience -- Queen Bey reportedly embarrassed poor Princess Eugenie by trying to get her to sing along to the song "Irreplaceable."

The singer didn't recognize the royal when she picked her out of the audience at the O2 Arena in London, so she Mrs. Carter had no qualms about thrusting her microphone in Princess Eugenie's face and encouraging the prim and proper royal to sing the words "to the left, to the left." However, Prince William's mortified cousin reportedly froze. Bey kept encouraging her, and EntertainmentWise reports that she eventually "attempted to sing without making any sound before embarrassingly ducking for cover."

Perhaps the princess got revenge by snapping some unflattering photos of Bey making frightening faces -- right now she could be in the process of turning Mrs. Carter into an evil octopus monster by photoshopping her sister's famous fascinator on top of Beyonce's head.

Princess Eugenie shouldn't feel too bad about being embarrassed by Beyonce, because she's not alone. Who can forget this ear-shattering sing-along fail from 2011? The royal also isn't the first celeb to be embarrassed by a singing superstar -- Prince once kicked Kim Kardashian off of his stage because she refused to bust a move.

It would be interesting to know what pampered Princess Eugenie thinks about the leaked list of demands on Queen Bey's tour rider -- would the royal marvel at her diva behavior? The singer's Mrs. Carter World Tour demands allegedly include items like a hand-carved ice ball for her to suck on; $900 worth of titanium drinking straws "which will be used to drink a special alkaline water that's served at exactly 21 degrees;" off-white dressing room walls; new toilet seats for each venue that she performs at; and red toilet paper (don't think too hard about why she'd want this). She also demands that all of the concert crews' clothing be made of 100 percent cotton.

However, it's hard not to question the validity of this list of demands since they're so similar to those found on other alleged celebrity riders. Kanye West once insisted that his chauffeurs wear 100 percent cotton; Mary J. Blige requested that new toilet seats be installed in all of her concert dressing rooms; and Jennifer Lopez allegedly demanded that everything in one of her trailers had to be white. And as far as the red toilet paper goes, maybe this was inspired by the black toilet paper Simon Cowell reportedly stocks his bathrooms with.

If Bey's tour rider isn't real, whoever created it should have added something a little crazier, like the mannequin with "puffy pink pubic hair" that Lady Gaga reportedly asked for once -- it would look great alongside Mrs. Carter's bedazzled costume with fake breasts and sparkly nipples.

So do you think that the singer's leaked rider is the real deal?

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