Is Beyoncé Vexing Vegans on Purpose?

Popular Theories on Why Beyoncé is Wearing Offensive Clothing to Vegan Restaurants

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Is Beyoncé Vexing Vegans on Purpose?

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Beyoncé with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

What's black and white and red all over? Could be an embarrassed Beyoncé wearing a leather cow print sweat shirt to Crossroads, a vegan restaurant in Beverly Grove.

Besides her most recent bovine-inspired fashion statement, the singer a.k.a. Sasha Fierce has been spotted wearing such controversial attire as a camouflage jacket with fox fur collar and pepperoni-themed crop top and leggings to vegan eateries since going temporarily meat-product free with hubby Jay-Z for health reasons last week.

Why would a celebrity who gets almost as much attention as the president wear clothing that is likely to offend the patrons of vegan restaurants, many of whom eschew the use of animal products for both food and clothing?

One popular theory is that JuJu is being passive aggressive since it was Jay's idea to 86 animal eats this month.

"People forget that Beyoncé is a Creole chick from Houston," commented Krystel Smalls on Buzz Feed. "I guess this is how Texans go Vegan. Passive-aggressively defiant. This cleanse is obviously Jay-Z's idea."

"My first thought is that her hubby's decision to become vegan for three weeks and the announcement of her intent to join him were made without her input, or at least against her wishes, and this is her way of passive-aggressively protesting," concurred greencat on the Etiquette Hell forum. "There is absolutely no way she isn't intentionally wearing all the clothing she owns made out of real animal."

A writer for New York magazine gave Mother Bee the benefit of the doubt. "Maybe this is sublimation," conjectured Allison P Davis. "Bey's just repressing that persistent, evil 'za craving by projecting her desires onto an acceptable, fun, and sassy outfit. Or maybe the temporary vegan also has a delightful sense of irony…. When you can't eat it ... wear it?"

Last week PETA officially congratulated the musical power couple on their 22-day eating experiment on its official blog. "Once the duo discovers that eating vegan is not only easy as pie but also easy on their waistlines and a treat for their taste buds, they just might decide to leave meat, eggs, and dairy products off their menus for good."

PETA may want to eat its words after Beyoncé's flagrant refusal to ditch her animal byproduct outfits. Nor should Hova get off the hook. The hip-hop mogul is hawking a $58,000 Rick Owens crocodile jacket as part of his Barneys' holiday collection.

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