Bethenny Frankel Divorce Heats Up: Other High Profile Divorces Right Now

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Bethenny Frankel's Divorce is Getting Messy - Other Celebrity Divorce Battles

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Bethenny Frankel at the Heart Truth Fashion Show

Bethenny Frankel is opening up about her divorce from husband Jason Hoppy.

The reality star and budding talk show host sat down with her mentor Ellen DeGeneres earlier this week to give the world its first official glimpse at her life after filing for divorce. The one thing hat was abundantly obvious is that split is difficult for everyone involved.

"I feel like a failure," she admits. "I really put it all out there. I wanted the fairytale. I thought I had it. And Bryn [her daughter] is my fairytale.... I don't know how people go through this because this is excruciating."

The split hasn't been much of a surprise for fans of the star who've watched the couple's highs and lows over two seasons of the Bravo reality romp, "Bethenny Ever After." From the birth of their daughter two years ago through a season of bickering, we've had a front row seat of their marriage at its best and at its worst including on-air sessions with her therapist.

For now, the star is trying to put the past behind her and look ahead to the future for herself and her young daughter. She says, "I'm scared of the unknown future. You know everything and one day you don't know. So I'm scared. I'm older.... So this is an important time because it's about what I do next. How I handle myself now with grace, with dignity? This is the time now that matters."

It seems for now what matters is moving forward with the official filing of the divorce papers. For her part, Bethenny is asking for child support retroactive to the couple's separation, intact insurance policies for both herself and Bryn, exclusive occupancy of the marital home and primary physical custody of Bryn.

It seems to be the season of divorce in celebrity circles. Here are some other celebrity couples who divorces are heating up:

Buzz Aldrin: The moon man is officially back on the market following his divorce from his third wife, Lois. In the official divorce order, the former "Mrs. Aldrin" gets half of almost everything he owns from their bank account to his trademark of the "Astronaut with Flag" design. His divorce is the gift that just keeps on giving -- he will pay his former spouse $9,500 per month plus 30% of his annual income. The couple was married for 23 years and have no children together.

Jeremy Shockey: The NFL free agent is shopping around for both a new team and a new lady after filing for divorce after only eight months of marriage. The tight end claims that his short-term marriage to Daniela Cortazar-Shockey is irretrievably broken. The couple were married in May 2012 and were reportedly separated by October. The football star allegedly has an airtight prenuptial agreement that will restrict is former wife from getting anything.

Kim Kardashian: Now that she's announced that she is expecting a baby with boyfriend Kanye West, the reality star is hoping to shed herself of her husband Kris Humphries. The real kicker is that despite the fact that he has been separated from his wife for more than a year, the state of California presumes that the husband of any pregnant woman is the father of her child. Definitely a reason to get the ink dried on the divorce papers before the baby arrives!

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