Best Celebrity Tweets of the Week

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Best Celebrity Tweets of the Week

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber didn't have a happy birthday and "Modern Family" stars got stuck in a Kansas City elevator. Let's break down this week's best celebrity tweets.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber had a birthday over the weekend. He celebrated it in London at the Cirque Du Soir club, but left in a huff when staff reportedly wouldn't let underage friends inside.

"Worst birthday," the now 19-year-old tweeted on Saturday. He later added an explanation on Instagram.

"The funny moment when people believe I brought underage people to a club," he wrote beneath a blank image. "U think Will is letting his 14 year old in a club, I don't think so. 2nd I love how the club wanted to give the press another reason to why we didn't stay at their weak ass club so they wouldn't look bad for me walking in and right back out."

Emma Stone

Actress Emma Stone broke her Twitter silence over the weekend with a cryptic tweet that she later deleted.

"nawder nas islasehne tsintgi ni a erte," the actress wrote. Unscrambled, the words translate to "Andrew and Shailene sitting in a tree," referring to Stone's boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, and their "Spider-Man" co-star Shailene Woodley.

Was it a joke? We don't know, but things must be okay because they were spotted together in NYC on Sunday .

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

"Modern Family" co-stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen went to Kansas City for a charity event -- and then got stuck in an elevator. They were in there for at least an hour before being rescued.

"Finally made it out of the stuck elevator at the one hour mark. At least the firemen in K.C. are cute," he tweeted, along with a video of their elevator drama.

Katy Perry

If there are two things Katy Perry loves, it's boyfriend John Mayer and cats.

"My boyfriend is taking me to a kitten shelter in his truck. I can't think of a more perfect Saturday," the singer tweeted on Mar. 2.

Seth Rogen

"If my mother was an evil villain, she would kill people by suffocating them inside giant Tupperware containers," the comedian tweeted.

Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the first time this weekend -- and it's safe to say he had a good time.

"First break...having so much fun right now..I tried my best to hold that laugh in #SNL," he tweeted during the show.


"Thrift Shop" rapper Macklemore also made his first appearance on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend.

"Huge shout out to @nbcsnl crew, the cast & the homie @KevinHart4real!!! Last night was one of those "I cant believe this is life" moments," he tweeted.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is definitely not a Belieber, judging from her tweet over the weekend.

"Bieber, put your f*****g shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)" the actress tweeted.

Wanda Sykes

Plenty of mothers can relate to Wanda Sykes' weekend tweet.

"Kids got up at 6:15, and they don't ease into morning. They act like they're about to miss their flight. This is like a long home invasion," the comedian tweeted.

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