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Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi

The best celebrity tweets this week have everything to do with Snooki's new son, Hurricane Isaac and the cancellation of "Jersey Shore."


"Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has been live-tweeting the first week of being a mother.

"Lorenzo loves waking mommy up! I never knew how excited I'd be to be woken up having to feed and change a diaper! I f**king love him," she tweeted on Aug. 30.

"Is it weird in already thinking about what Lorenzo is going to wear to prom? -_- I'm so annoying," she wrote on Aug. 31.

"Omg. Lorenzo just peed and pooped on us while we were changing his diaper," she tweeted on Sept. 1.

Joe Nichols

"No Jersey Shore after 2012… As the Mayans predicted," the country singer tweeted, referring to the MTV show's cancellation after six seasons.

Clay Aiken and John Rich

Singer Clay Aiken and John Rich got into a Twitter war after Aiken tweeted about the Republican National Convention.

"Playing drinking game with my brother now. We drink every time we see a black person on screen at the RNC convention. #soberasamormon," Aiken tweeted, prompting a strong reponse from Rich.

"@clayaiken:@cowboytroy We drink every time we see a black person at the RNC//CLAY! You should be ashamed for racist comments like THAT!WOW," he wrote back. "And to finish it off, @clayaiken hashtags soberasamormon? I thought your charity was for inclusion, not EXCLUSION. What happened?"

Aiken responded with a dig of his own.

"My charity is. Why isn't your party? ;-)."

Bret Easton Ellis

Screenwriter and director Bret Easton Ellis dropped some bombshells on Twitter about the upcoming "Fifty Shades of Grey" film adaptation. He isn't involved, but he says he has "sources" close to the movie.

"'Fifty Shades of Grey' will be budgeted at 12-15 million and James Deen is on the list of actors to play Christian Grey according to source," the controversial director tweeted, referring to porn star James Deen, adding that author E.L. James supports the casting. "'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie will DEFINITELY be written by a woman and the budget will be below 15 million. Ana will be played by an unknown."

Anderson Cooper

"After 8 hours in the storm I am now dry and warm and reminded of how lucky I am. So many around the world have no safe shelter, no warm bed," the CNN newsman tweeted as he covered Hurricane Isaac from New Orleans.

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