Ben Flajnik Vs. Brad Womack: Who is a Better 'Bachelor'?

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Chris Harrison will be hanging with Ben F. next season.

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Chris Harrison will be hanging with Ben F. next season.

Although ABC has yet to make a formal announcement, it looks like Ashley Hebert's runner-up, Ben Flajnik, will become the next "Bachelor."

Ben could not be any more different than his predecessor, Brad Womack. I actually liked both men, for different reasons. How do these two compare?


Ben, 28, looks like Rafael Nadal's long-lost brother. And it works in his favor because his look is sweet, charming, and soulful. Of course, ABC will have to look for girls like Ashley would like the shaggy long-haired types.

Brad, 38, had a much more manly look compared to Ben's boyishness. The two-time "Bachelor" was a health nut and it showed in his impeccably chiseled physique. He could attribute his toned body to exercise and a carb-free diet.

Audience Sympathy

Ben certainly gained sympathy from viewers after his ill-fated proposal to Ashley. His anger and disappointment was one of the most genuine reactions that we've seen from a runner-up.

Brad came into his season as a bit of a villain because he had rejected both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft during his first run as the "Bachelor." To not propose to someone he had met on a reality show after only 8 weeks? For shame!

Back Story

Like Chris Lambton, Ben has gained a few hearts because of how he handled losing a parent. Yet unlike Ali Fedotowsky, Ashley was not able to spare Ben the humiliation of a final rose ceremony.

During Brad's second season, ABC tried to sell the image of "Changed Man" Brad the Soul Searcher. I never bought this changed man facade--I didn't think he did anything wrong the first time around!

Hopefully America is finally starting to realize that Brad is a sincere guy. He really made a genuine effort with Emily Maynard.


During Ashley's season, ABC edited out many of the humorous out-takes in favor of regulation cliches about "being here for the right reasons" and "this incredible journey." Still, we saw glimpses of Ben's goofier side during his visit with Ashley's family. He can definitely make a girl laugh!

I wish we had seen more of Brad's bloopers reels. Much of his personality ended up on the cutting-room floor in favor of therapy sessions with Doc Hollywood, leaving us viewers with contrived and stilted dialogue.

Potential to Find Love

Given that he caught Jennifer Love Hewitt's attention, Ben is obviously very desirable. And the fact that he proposed to Ashley suggests that he is capable of committing to someone. Hopefully this rejection hasn't scarred him from the possibility of falling in love again.

Brad had two chances. The first time, he turned out to be the dumper. The second time, he appeared to be the dumpee. Could third time be the charm for Brad? Maybe, but it's not likely to happen on ABC's dime. As Chris Harrison quipped, "there ain't going to be a third time!"

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