Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Reality TV Show Just a Rumor -- Which A-List Celebs Should Get Their Own Show?

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Reality TV Show Just a Rumor -- Which A-List Celebs Should Get Their Own Show?

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Ben Affleck

Despite the National Enquirer reporting that a Hollywood producer is trying to convince Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to star in a reality TV show, the odds of that happening are as slim as George Clooney getting married.

"The Enquirer doesn't reveal the identity of this so-called producer -- because he doesn't exist," mocks Gossip Cop. "An Affleck and Garner reality show is NEVER going to happen, and no respected producer in Hollywood would even think of trying to pitch this supposed project."

A spokesperson for Garner told the fact checking website that there is zero truth to the "silly" rumor.

Still, we have to wonder what would happen if Garner and Affleck or another A-List couple threw caution to the wind and agreed to allow cameras into their home. Would the day-to-day lives of these celebrity couples be as exciting as they appear in the media, or are these celestial creatures more ordinary than their public image suggests?

The alleged hook for a Bennifer reality TV show was Affleck's Oscar acceptance speech in which he said marriage is "work." With millions of dollars in the bank, it's unlikely the couple argues over how much money Jennifer spends at the mall or who should take out the garbage? So what could make marriage so difficult for this rich, good looking couple with three healthy children and houses in California, Massachusetts and Georgia?

Plenty, if you believe the tabloids.

Over the years, tongues have wagged about Ben drinking and gambling too much and cheating on Jen with other women. "There was talk that Ben strayed with Blake [Lively]," a so-called insider told the Star, adding, "He started talking to J.Lo again. His wife checks up on him all the time and looks through his phone."

If there were even a kernel of truth to these rumors, why would the couple allow cameras to capture them acting like the Bickersons on national TV? For couples like Affleck and Garner who are already at the top of the fame ladder, no publicity is better than bad publicity.

Not surprisingly, rumors do not surface about a reality TV show starring Ben's long-time bestie Matt Damon. That's because watching the "Good Will Hunting" star and his family on TV would be a big snooze. He and his wife Luciana, who recently renewed their wedding vows, are believed to have one of the best (read, most boring) celebrity marriages in history. The Harvard drop-out once told a reporter, "I've been left alone, even by the paparazzi, because what sells is sex and scandal." The devoted husband and dad even looks like a 21st century version of Ward Cleaver.

In contrast, a reality TV show about the family of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would draw millions of viewers with an appetite for drama. Between planning a stealth wedding, raising six rambunctious children, making meaningful movies, saving the world and Angie feuding with her future mother-in-law, a show about Brangelina's hectic lifestyle would be TV worth watching. Not only would it be fascinating to follow this band of Carmen Sandiegos around the globe, we might also find out if Angie really eats more than a lettuce leaf per day and if Brad secretly texts his ex, Jennifer Aniston.

Which A-list family would you want to watch on TV? Weigh in below.

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