Ben Affleck Hits the Big 4-0 - A Look at Some of His Best Performances

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Ben Affleck Hits the Big 4-0 - A Look at Some of His Best Performances

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Ben Affleck is 40!

He's been in showbiz as long as we can remember and now Ben Affleck is hitting a major milestone as he turns 40 years old today. Affleck really made his mark in Hollywood when he and his best friend Matt Damon wrote and starred in a screenplay called "Good Will Hunting." They were barely old enough to drink when the screenplay netted them Oscar gold, and it even gave Robin Williams a Best Supporting Actor win.

Over the years, Ben's been in high profile romances with stars like Jennifer Lopez, but in 2005 Ben settled down with fellow actress Jennifer Garner and tied the knot. The couple have three children together, and by all outside appearances seem very happy together. In honor of Hollywood's newest 40-year-old, we thought we'd take a look back at some of his most memorable performances.

Doug McCray in "The Town" - Ben not only starred in this gritty crime drama, he also directed it and co-wrote the screenplay. The film wound up garnering actor Jeremy Renner a Best Supporting Actor nomination, as well. In the film, Affleck plays the central character, a career criminal with a love of the life of crime he's chosen for himself, but things soon get complicated after a bank heist puts Doug in contact with a beautiful bank manager played by Rebecca Hall.

Chuckie Sullivan in "Good Will Hunting" - When they wrote the script together, it's hard to imagine that either Affleck or Damon could have known just how important the film would be to their careers. Ben played Damon's on-screen best friend in the film, a man who represents the life that Will would be stuck in if he didn't take a chance and get out of his hometown to achieve his full potential. Affleck's performance is perfectly nuanced and shows his ability to play a tough and simple man that deep-down has a big heart.

Holden McNeil in "Chasing Amy" - It's not secret that Ben and filmmaker Kevin Smith are good friends. They've worked together on several films, and in 1997 Smith gave Affleck the lead role in this film about 20-somethings exploring adult love and relationships, and whether they can find happiness despite emotional baggage. Ben plays one half of a comic book writing team that meets and falls in love with Alyssa, played by Joey Lauren Adams, but it's a bumpy road for the two thanks to Alyssa's past relationships and experiences and Holden's insecurities.

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