Ben Affleck Drops Out of Kristen Stewart Romantic Comedy: Three Actors that Could Take His Place

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Ben Affleck Drops Out of Kristen Stewart Romantic Comedy: Three Actors that Could Take His Place

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Kristen Stewart is seeking a new co-star after Ben Affleck dropped out of the upcoming romantic comedy "Focus." The actor-director cited scheduling conflicts as his reason for leaving the project, which would have seen him play a con artist that falls for his younger protégé. Of course, losing Ben won't kill this movie. There are a number of intriguing actors that could take his place alongside Kristen. Here are just a few of the possibilities.

Matt Damon

With Ben out of the fold, why not enlist the services of his best pal? Matt has appeared in a string of dramatic films, including the upcoming film "Promised Land." It might be a good idea for him to take on something funny. Not only has the actor showcased his comedic talents in movies like "Stuck on You," but he's also played a crook in a number of films, including the "Ocean's Eleven" trilogy. As an added bonus, he's right around the same age as Ben. That would allow the movie to maintain the age difference between the two main characters.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan already turned this movie down once due to scheduling conflicts, so it's not likely that he will sign up for it now. However, the producers would be wise to explore the possibility. After all, he obviously fits the profile of the main character since they already asked him once. On top of that, his list of credits proves that he can be funny, serious, and romantic at the same time. Just think about how good he was in "Crazy, Stupid, Love." What more could you ask for in a romantic comedy like this?

Robert Pattinson

The "Twilight" fans would rejoice if Robert joined Kristen in a romantic comedy. After watching them romance each other throughout several movies in the hit franchise, it might be a lot of fun to see the two team up for something a little lighter. If Robert joins the movie, "Focus" would likely draw a lot of "Twilight" fans desperate to see the two actors share one more kiss on the big screen. When you add in their real-life drama between the two, the movie would earn plenty of buzz ahead of its release.

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