Bed Bath & Beyond's $3,300 'Twilight' Ring

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Bed Bath & Beyond's $3,300 'Twilight' Ring

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Bed Bath & Beyond's $3,300 'Twilight' Ring

While the Twilight franchise has been known to sell some pretty wacky items which Twi-hards inevitably eat up (yes, an Edward Cullen tampon holder was for sale at one point), Bed Bath & Beyond's Twilight jewelry collection has to be one of the weirdest, and most expensive, collections yet.

Selling everything from Wolf Pack Sterling Silver White Diamond rings ($528) to Bella's Moonstone Ring ($999 for the 14k gold version), the shining piece of the collection is of course Bella's sparkling engagement ring, which the retailer is selling for $3,300.

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"Experience the saga. This beautiful ring encrusted with shimmering gemstones is the engagement ring Edward presented Bella with in the Twilight series. The sparkling diamonds or white topaz catch the light while the elegant band adds a touch of romantic glamour," they write about the pricey replica.

Almost makes the Twilight wedding dress look like a bargain by comparison, no?

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...Though the real question might be, Bed Bath & Beyond sells jewelry?!

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