Who Will Become Tom Cruise’s Fourth Wife?

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The third time was not a charm for Tom Cruise, whose third wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce last month after five years of marriage. Unlike George Clooney, however, it is unlikely the wide-grinned actor will play the role of bachelor for long. He has been married to three women in the past 25 years, during only five of which he did not wear a wedding ring. Not surprisingly, the hottest guessing game for Hollywood watchers is predicting whom the handsome star will hook up with next.

Based on his past pattern of bride selection, it is difficult to pinpoint what age the "Rock of Ages" actor's next wife will be. All three of his marriages ended when his wife hit the age of 33, but they were each different ages when he married them. First wife Mimi Rogers was 31; second wife, Nicole Kidman, was 23; and Holmes, 27. Though Cruise has married women who were both older and younger than he, history suggests his fourth wife will be significantly younger than his 50 years so she can divorce him when she turns 33.

A more likely predictor for wifey number four to Hollywood's highest paid actor will be hair color. Despite marrying flaming redhead Kidman, most of the women he dated before and betwixt his marriages -- including Cher, Penelope Cruz and Sofia Vergara -- were brunettes, as were two thirds of his wives.

It is also likely that Cruise will marry an actress, given his history of hitching up with someone in the industry. However, he may decide to cast a wider net to include anyone famous, which would increase his pool of potential brides to females in the music business -- or even an Olympic gymnast, who would not only be shorter than the five-foot, seven-inch actor, but could also compete with him in couch jumping.

Though a zealous Scientologist, the father of three will not necessarily marry a woman who subscribes to the group's beliefs already. However, his fourth wife will have to be amenable to joining the so-called church. Cruise, himself, became a member after marrying his first wife, who later left the controversial group, which some have likened to a cult. He persuaded his subsequent wives to join the church, but both cut their ties with the L. Ron Hubbard religion when they broke off their relationship with Cruise.

So, who will the "Risky Business" star choose to become the fourth Mrs. Tom Cruise? Filtering out older, blonde women who are neither famous nor would agree to become a Scientologist shrinks the pond of women from which he could fish for wifey number four. However, a few candidates emerge as interesting possibilities.

* On the rebound from her marriage to crazy comedian Russell Brand, Katy Perry, is obviously attracted to eccentric men. She can dye her hair pink, blue or any color she (or Tom) desires, and at 27 could give her new hubbie six happy years. Though the "Wide Awake" singer was raised by Evangelical Christians, she told a reporter recently, "I don't go to one particular church . . . (but) I'm open to the idea." Perhaps Cruise could convince her to try his.

* Though they were likely being ironic, the New York Observer suggested Carly Rae Jepsen as a possible bride for Cruise. The "Call Me Maybe" singer is only 26, and though she does not need the A-lister to become famous, a Cruise-Jepsen merger -- er, marriage -- would give the bubbly brunette a major career boost so she does not become a one-hit wonder.

* At 32 she's pushing it in the age department, but brunette actress Minka Kelly could also be a good choice for the "Mission Impossible" star. Like Holmes, who played the Slutty Pumpkin on "How I Met Your Mother," the "Friday Night Lights" star has a thing for large orange squash. In 2006, she played Tammy in the horror-slasher film, "The Pumpkin Karver."

So whom do you think Tom Cruise should marry next? Sound off here.

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