Barbara Walters to Interview Lindsay Lohan -- What She Should Ask the ‘Liz and Dick’ Star

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Barbara Walters to Interview Lindsay Lohan -- What She Should Ask the ‘Liz and Dick’ Star

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Barbara Walters

The woman who has interviewed everyone from kings to Kardashians announced her latest get on "The View" yesterday -- Lindsay Lohan. Barbara Walters informed the girls she is going to broadcast an interview with the "Liz and Dick" star before the Nov. 26 premiere of Lifetime's biopic about Hollywood's notorious couple.

Though Lohan is hardly a mysterious Greta Garbo type -- she seems to tweet her every thought --- interest could run deep in what the former child star may reveal to America's favorite celebrity grillmeister.

The redhead has been embroiled in one scandal after another in her adult years ranging from jail and rehab stints to alleged jewelry theft to her recent domestic kerfuffle with her own mother, Dina Lohan, causing some to dub her a human train wreck.

Referring to the star's steep decline from admired actress to troubled party girl, political pundit Ana Marie Cox tweeted Monday, "Only person with a longer sustained freefall is Lindsay Lohan," adversely comparing Lohan's plunge to Felix Baumgartner's amazing feat as the first base jumper to break the sound barrier.

But in an official statement, the star's rep said of the upcoming interview, "Lindsay greatly admires and trusts Barbara and is looking forward to talking with her."

We're not sure what Lohan's expecting, but most likely chatting with Walters will be more challenging than bantering with Billy Bush. Sure the Boston native may throw mostly softballs, but we predict she will also probe into the mystery of what happened to that sweet tween girl who charmed our pants off playing twins in "The Parent Trap."

Here are a few questions we hope to hear during the Walters/Lohan interview:

"If you were a tree, what kind would you be?"

The oft mocked question Walters asked Katherine Hepburn was really a follow-up to the "African Queen" actress's admission she would like to be a tree. But we think it would be a fabulous for-real question for Lohan who has spent much of her adulthood floating in the breeze like dandelion fuzz. We're hoping she chooses something deeply rooted like a redwood or oak tree versus a glitzy Las Vegas palm.

"What will you tell your children about your misspent youth?"

When Walters asked President Clinton's affair partner Monica Lewinsky a similar question -- "What will you tell your children about this matter? -- the latter replied, "I guess Mommy made some mistakes." Walters used the quote to melodramatically end her interview with the tragic brunette, turning to the cameras to comment, "And that is the understatement of the year." We can only guess how Lohan might respond and whether she even pictures herself procreating in the future.

"How did someone with your looks, talent and money manage to make such a mess of her twenties?"

That, of course, is the $64 million question. Like a Lottery winner who tears through her prize money like there's no tomorrow, Lohan has taken for granted the golden opportunities other young actresses could only hope to be offered. Her level of self-awareness in making sense of her mistakes could signal if she will forever ride a roller coaster or finally become grounded.

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