Bailey Buntain Talks About Guest Starring on ‘The Middle’

The Former Theater Major Turns to TV

Bailey Buntain Talks About Guest Starring on ‘The Middle’

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Bailey Buntain on "The Middle."

Just a few years ago Bailey Buntain was a student at American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). After graduating she focused on the theater career for which she had studied. But when her agents suggested she set her sites on TV roles, Buntain jumped at the chance. She soon landed a prime role on the ballerina series "Bunheads" and on Wednesday, October 3, she'll appear on "The Middle."

Buntain Plays Sue Heck's Mentee on 'The Middle'

In a recent exclusive interview the young actress talked about her guest starring spot on the family sitcom. "I play Jenna Taylor. She's an incoming freshman. And Sue [Heck] decides that, since she's a big shot sophomore now, that she's going to mentor Jenna. And it's really fun to watch her idea of what mentoring is."

Buntain's "Middle" character finds it easier to fit in than the always-awkward Sue does. But she gave an example of the unique type of lesson that the Heck's only daughter imparted on her. "She gives her advice, little stuff like how to not fall walking down the hallway - stuff that Sue struggles with that's really funny."

Buntain Talks About Her Awkward High School Years

Although she's a big TV star now, Buntain confessed that she wasn't as cool as Jenna is on the show. She recounted, "I was the total nerd all through school so I'm not like her in that way. I was shy and didn't make friends really easily."

Still she could relate to Jenna in other ways. "Even though she maybe fits in easier and doesn't have to try as hard, she's still really nice. And she likes Sue and wants to hang out with her and she doesn't care what other people think. I would hope that that's how I would be."

Buntain on Being a Guest Star on an Established Show

She could also connect to the concept of being the new girl in a strange setting. She talked about being a guest star on the established show. "I was definitely nervous. But thankfully, I watched 'The Middle' since its first season and I love it. I was a fan girl of it. So it was nice because I knew the backstories of the characters… I felt like I at least knew what was going on."

The cast and crew also made her feel welcome. She recalled, "Everyone was so nice and they are in their fourth season so they have it down. They have a total groove going on."

And to top it all off, she was able to work with one of her favorite TV characters. Buntain admitted, "I love Sue Heck. I love that character so much and most of my stuff was with Eden [Sher]. So it was great to be able to just hang out with her and watch her put in her little braces retainer and form into Sue."

Watch Bailey Buntain when she guest stars on "The Middle" on Wednesday, October 3 at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. Central on ABC. And stay tuned for "Bunheads" when it returns to ABC Family in the winter of 2013.

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