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Blake Lively

She may be one of Hollywood's favorite young fashionistas, but Blake Lively isn't immune to bad outfits. The blonde beauty arrived at The Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit tribute to Pedro Almodovar looking gorgeous and getting photographed in front of a giant wall of roses. Well, she looks gorgeous from the neck up, anyway. From the neck down, the picture isn't so pretty. The 24-year-old's beaming smile is no doubt partially inspired by her new, incredibly happy relationship with actor Ryan Reynolds, but the "Gossip Girl" star's pearly whites don't make up for the horrible outfit.

Let's try to figure out what went wrong.

The dress. Her bluish grayish, textured, belted, feathered, printed frock is pretty much everything that went wrong. We're not sure what the dress looked like hanging in the "Green Lantern" star's closet, but the young actress looks like she skinned a "Sesame Street" puppet to make the thing. Though the statuesque star is known for her thin frame, her outfit in no way flatters her figure. The boxy sleeveless top hides her curves while the fluffy fringe around the middle adds bulk. No woman wants to look bulky around her stomach! Finally, the knee-length patterned pencil skirt at the bottom of the dress is puzzling. Why finish off what is clearly meant to be a party dress with a blah business-like silhouette?

The tights. Yes, it's winter, and even stars get cold. But that's no excuse to pair opaque black tights with a strange sleeveless bluish grayish dress. The pantyhose recall an elderly woman headed to a town hall meeting. Or maybe a teenage girl's first foray into hosiery. Either way, those hose are a no-no.

The accessories. Paired with a simpler dress, the "Accepted" star's earrings, bracelets, rings and shoes might be alright. Unfortunately, the star chose to don a boatload of baubles in addition to a crazy over-the-top frock. She looks over-done, over-worked and over-dressed. But even losing the tights and all the jewelry wouldn't have helped that horrendous dress, and that's why she should burn that blue monstrosity for heat this winter.

What do you think? Do you like Blake's dress? Or does she looks like an out-of-work muppet?

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