'Bachelorette' Villain James Provides a 'Reality' Check

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'Bachelorette' Villain James Provides a 'Reality' Check

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This week on the "Bachelorette," the guys traveled to Spain. With Ben gone, the guys found a new villain to attack: James.

The People Vs. James

Apparently, James and Meathead Mikey had a conversation in which they talked about how the show would open new doors for them, and how they would have new opportunities to meet women in Chicago. The guys also overheard James saying that if he made the final 4, he'd be a great position to become the next "Bachelor."

Drew decided to pull a "Jake Pavelka" by warning "Bachelorette" Desiree Hartsock of James' intentions. Unlike Ben Flajnik and Sean Lowe, who almost always send the messenger home, Desiree appreciated Drew's honesty, and rewarded him with a kiss and a rose.

At the hotel, Kasey, Michael, and Chris decided to confront James. While Kasey and Michael were equally confrontational, James's ire was primarily directed at the prosecutor. James claimed that Mikey had been the one to bring up the possibility of meeting other women, and that he was just going along with the conversation. He also accused Michael of being overly confrontational, citing the 2-on-1 with Ben as an example.

Later, James confronted Drew and accused ("counteraccusated") him of taking the conversation out of context. He argued that he was just trying to be realistic, and that he would still be okay even if he didn't end up with Desiree. He also pointed out that the format of the show wasn't normal. "I'll go back to normal eventually. This isn't normal."

James also argued that he had a strong sense of self-confidence, and that the other guys were threatened.

After much deliberation, Desiree decided to send James home at the rose ceremony. As Michael reflected, "in the case of the people vs. James, James was found guilty."

Still, while Desiree did make the right decision for herself, I'm not so sure that he deserved to be vilified to such an extreme.

Sure, he talked about the possibility of meeting other women after the show, and he considered the prospect of becoming the next "Bachelor." But James only made the mistake of articulating what many of the guys were probably secretly thinking.

Realistically, how many of these guys really come onto the show looking for love? I'm sure most of these guys are secretly thinking about fame and furthering their careers.

Ticking Time Ball

As Drew, Michael, and Kasey reflected, the soccer-themed group date was a "ticking time bomb." Brooks, Chris, Kasey, Michael, James, and former pro player Juan Pablo competed in a soccer match against Desiree and a team of professional female soccer players.

Thanks in part to James's poor defensive skills as a goalie, the women easily outscored the men. Kasey pointed out that James was 6-foot-2-inches, and 260 pounds, but still afraid of girls hitting him with a ball. Brooks accused James of behaving "like a scared little girl" at the net.

If wimpy Brooks is calling you weak and effeminate, you know you've hit a low point.

Due to the James drama, Desiree decided not to hand out a group date rose.

Zak Bares His Soul (And His Body)

Surprisingly, I enjoyed watching Desiree's 1-on-1 date with Zak. She's finally starting to show some of the fun-loving personality that we saw during Sean Lowe's season.

During a trip to an art museum, Desiree and Zak spent the afternoon sketching a live nude model named David. Later, Zak decided to channel his inner David by posing for Des, and stripping down (to his briefs).

Over dinner, Zak showed that he could bare his soul as well as his body. Reminiscent of Desiree's conversations with Sean, Zak talked about how he "wanted a marriage like my parents." He also talked about how his mom was "a bundle of joy," and how his dad was so responsible and loving.

Zak's conversations were surprisingly refreshing. Instead of the cliched speeches about wanting to settle down and find a mother for his children, he talked about wanting a life full of adventure and new experiences. Zak seems to be more of a free spirit who could bring out Desiree's fun side.

Rose Ceremony

Drew and Zak each received roses on their respective 1-1 dates. Chris, Brooks, and Michael received roses at the ceremony.

"#Kasey," Juan Pablo, and James were sent home without roses. I would have kept Juan Pablo and sent Michael home, but I'm thinking the producers told her to keep him around. With James gone, the show needed a new villain.

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