‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere: Des and Chris Harrison Weigh in on the Bachelorette’s Indecent Proposal

Season 9 of the Reality Romance Series Featured a Belligerent Bachelor Who Wouldn't Take No for an Answer

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Will you accept these abs?

Desiree Hartsock will! The 27-year old star of "The Bachelorette" was posed that question -- as well as a few other doozies -- as 25 guys attempted to wow her on the show's Season 9 premiere. But there's one thing she won't accept.

Amid all the opening night fun (there was a magician, a sexy soccer player, and a bona fide knight in shining armor!), came an uncomfortable moment when Jonathan, a 26-year old attorney, proposed that Des accompany him to the show's fantasy suite -- and he wasn't waiting to see if he made it past the hometown dates. (Or even the first group date!) This guy wanted to be alone with Des now, and he was relentless.

After the bridal stylist politely told him that she's "not that kind of girl," the persistent pest -- who told her that he's nothing like her reserved, former flame Sean Lowe -- brought the subject up again, not once, but twice. After the third time was clearly not the charm, "The Bachelorette" star kicked him to the curb, saying, "You're making me very uncomfortable."

While Jonathan's pre-rose ceremony demise is not the show's first (example: a few seasons back, one inebriated suitor didn't make it to the end of the cocktail party), it was the most chilling.

On her blog for People, Desiree wrote, "Although I politely turned down Jonathan's offer to go to the 'fantasy suite' during his entrance, he continued to interrupt my conversations with other men to try and lure me into a private room. His persistence made me feel very uncomfortable and his behavior was not of someone I would want to date, so I knew I had to send him home before the rose ceremony. Regardless of his intoxication level, no man should ever think a girl is only worth a dark, private room."

Longtime host Chris Harrison put it more bluntly. He told TVGuide.com, "The worst was definitely stalker fantasy suite guy [Jonathan.] I get the initial joke, but as soon as you saw her reaction to it and she put her foot down… to go back... a second and then a third time, that was creepy, and obviously the worst first impression. But he was a good sacrificial lamb to set the tone for the season because Des was able to look everyone in the eye and say, 'Don't mess with me. I want to have fun, but you better treat me like a lady or I will cut your balls off.'"

Meanwhile, Des' onetime beau, "Bachelor" star Sean Lowe, gave his two cents on the matter. After the show he tweeted, "Jonathan got one thing right... he's nothing like me."

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