'Bachelor' Sean Lowe is Color Blind While ABC Overplays the Diversity Card

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'Bachelor' Sean Lowe is Color Blind While ABC Overplays the Diversity Card

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We love the fact that "Bachelor" Sean Lowe is open to dating women outside his background, but ABC seemed to be overplaying the diversity card.

That racial discrimination lawsuit may have been dismissed, but it seemed like the network was going overboard in order to prove that the show is not racist. As a result it came across as a bit defensive and over-the-top.

Sean Learns Arabic

The network tried to play up the diversity factor by showing us a conversation between Selma and Sean (who apparently is not fluent in Farsi after all) in which she tried to teach him a few Arabic phrases. The whole scene came across as cheesy and gimmicky.

Sean Addresses the Diversity Question

ABC used Robyn to address the diversity question. She pointed out that increasing cultural diversity of the show and asked Sean whether or not he had a physical type.

They way the question came up seemed forced. It was a thinly-veiled attempt on the network's part to respond to the discrimination lawsuit and the suggestions that the show was "too white."

Still, Sean had the perfect answer. "'It doesn't matter. I've dated everybody, and when I say everybody, I mean Hispanic, Persian, my last girlfriend-black. I don't really have criteria. It's the woman and it's the mind behind the physical appearance."

I had a good laugh over the way ABC handled the diversity question. The network seemed to be making a big deal about how it was not a big deal for Sean.

I think it's more of an issue for the network than it is for Sean.

Sarah Falls for Sean (Literally)

Sarah had the first one-on-one date, and the first adrenaline date of the season. After being picked up in a helicopter, she and Sean arrived at the roof of a building, where they had to free-fall 35 stories.

Later, during the romantic portion of their date, Sarah recounted a story where she was prohibited from zip-lining because of her "disability." As a result, it meant even more to her that Sean chose her for such an extreme date.

Sean and Sarah also shared the first kiss of the season. Unfortunately, given "Bachelor" history, the Great First Date girl never makes it to the end.

Sean is a Prankster

During his date with Desiree, Sean took to her to an art exhibit and pulled a prank, leading her to believe that she had broken at $1.5 million sculpture. She was a good sport about it, but got her digs in later when pretended to deliberate before accepting the date rose.

Speaking of pranks, what was up with those red and white swim trunks? Was Sean trying to channel his inner Waldo? This had to be a joke.

Sean is a Harlequin Romance Hero

The group date consisted of a cover shoot for Harlequin romance novels. Model Kristy ended up winning the photo shoot challenge and was awarded with a three-book cover deal with Harlequin. The brunette model's "victory" squeal showed shades of Courtney Robertson's "winning"!

Kacie Boguskie ended up with the group date rose, leading her to believe that she had left the "friend zone" and entered the "girlfriend zone." Sorry Kacie, but I don't see you sticking around much longer. If a guy meets you several times, doesn't ask you out, then signs up for a dating show, he's not interested.

In other developments, Katie the yoga instructor left because the process wasn't for her. Diana and Brooke were eliminated at the rose ceremony, and mean girls Tierra and Amanda lived to fight another week.

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