'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Ambivalent About Hometown Dates

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'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Ambivalent About Hometown Dates

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This week on "The Bachelor," Sean Lowe traveled to the ladies' hometowns. After watching this week's episode, I don't think any of these girls are the right match for Sean.

Lindsay: Too Benign

Other than her opening night wedding dress stunt, Lindsay Yenter hasn't really stood out this season. I think Sean's keeping her around because she's a good "paper match," a cute, non-threatening, family-oriented small-town girl who clearly looks up to her two-star general father.

However, I'm not seeing any chemistry between Sean and Lindsay. They don't seem to flow naturally. The opening bit where she pretended to be a drill sergeant seemed very contrived. I wasn't buying her high squeaky Tenley Molzahn voice barking orders at him. And that conversation about how to address General/Mister Yenter seemed very forced.

And considering how much screen time the other siblings received this week, why didn't we hear about Lindsay's brother? We only saw a brief clip of Sean giving the bro and awkward hug before he left.

AshLee: Too Serious

I gained a ton of respect for AshLee Frazier last week for the honest and straightforward way that she handled the Tierra situation.

But she and Sean are not a suitable match. Just by watching the way these two kiss (or rather peck), we can see that he's not into her. He's probably keeping her around for the same reasons that he kept Sarah around. Although he doesn't feel a romantic connection, he admires her for overcoming personal struggles.

AshLee may be too heavy and serious for Sean. She has no sense of humor, and she always seems to be struggling with emotional baggage. I'm thinking that Brad Womack might be a better match for her.

Catherine: Too "Independent"

I'm liking Catherine Giudici more and more as a person. She's refreshingly down-to-earth. She's not afraid to look silly or goofy, or to go out without makeup.

She and Sean also have the most natural chemistry. And their conversations are refreshingly free of franchise cliches like "journey" or "amazing" or "here for the right reasons."

However, Sean seemed to be concerned that their lives didn't "align." Catherine's sisters suggested that she may be too career-oriented and independent to settle down right now, and that she wasn't ready to move beyond the "fun" stages of a relationship.

Her mother was refreshingly skeptical of the "process." When Sean asked for her blessing, she responded with a non-committal "we'll see what happens." In this real world, this would be the most reasonable response. What parent gives their blessing after only knowing the guy for a few hours?

Sean and Catherine would make a great boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but I'm not sure I see them making it to the altar. While he was deliberating with Chris Harrison, he spoke about her "lofty goals" and "independence" as if it were a liability. I'm wondering if Sean may be a bit too traditional for her.

Desiree: Oh Brother!

Desiree Harstock's rough redneck brother sealed her fate by calling Sean a "playboy" and claiming that he didn't see a lot of "reciprocation" on his part. While he had every right to be skeptical of the process or to question their relationship, he could have done it in a more civilized manner without resorting to name-calling.

And how ironic that the one virgin "Bachelor" gets called a playboy.

Although Des made a last-ditch effort to apologize for her brother's behavior, Sean ended up giving her the boot anyway.

What Sean should have done was send either Lindsay or AshLee home instead, and given Des another shot. He and Des had much more natural chemistry than either or those girls. She also showed that she could both take and perform a practical joke.

On some level, it seems unfair that Des was penalized for her brother's behavior. However, on her Twitter profile, she makes a valid point. Had she ended up with Sean, she probably would have moved to Texas, far away from her brother. The fact that he sent her home anyway shows that he wasn't the right guy for her.

As she tweeted, "You can't ruin something that isn't complete so be easy on my bro. A man who truly loved me would see past the family member I hardly see."

Did Sean make the wrong decision by sending Desiree home? Is Catherine "too career-oriented" for him? Does he have any chemistry with Lindsay or AshLee?

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