'Bachelor' Recap: Is There a Right Way to Throw Another Woman Under the Bus?

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'Bachelor' Recap: Is There a Right Way to Throw Another Woman Under the Bus?

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One thing I've learned from watching these "Bachelor" shows is that there is a right (strategically correct) way to throw another woman under the bus.

The Wrong Way

The wrong way? Approach the guy, and implicate the other woman by name. Accuse her of causing drama with the other women and "not being here for the right reasons."

Plenty of "Bachelor" front-runners including Emily O'Brien and Kacie Boguskie (two seasons!) have fallen on their own knives by ratting other women out. When Emily tried to warn Ben Flajnik about Courtney Robertson, she ended up alienating him and drawing him closer to Courtney. When Kacie tried to warn Sean Lowe about Desiree and Amanda, he called her "crazy."

If a woman approaches a man about a woman that he's dating, he will likely become defensive and interpret it as undermining his judgment. Also, she'll come across as a snitch.

The "Tierrable" Way

So what's the right way to throw another woman under the bus? Just ask Tierra the "Tierrable" or Tierra the "Tierrarist."

Emily's strategy backfired because she came across as "too smart" for Ben. When she implicated Courtney, Ben immediately went on the defensive and interpreted it as "she thinks she knows more than I do."

Tierra, on the other hand, was able to use the house drama to her advantage by playing the victim. Instead of implicating other women by name (and thereby focusing the attention on them), she cried about how the drama was affecting her, thereby turning the attention back to herself.

Some guys are turned off by a "meddler" or a "know-it-all," but would love a damsel in distress. The damsel in distress act gives the guy a chance to be the hero.

Tierra may have less than honorable motives. However, she deserves some credit for understanding this basic aspect of human nature. Men like women who make them feel important, smart, and competent. She knew how to play the victim card while letting Sean think that he was the one taking control of the situation.

Thankfully, Robyn and Jackie have decided not to rat Tierra out to Sean, and to hope that he figures it out on his own. It looks like these "nice" girls are finally learning from the mistakes of their "Bachelor" predecessors.

Other 'Victims'

Tierra was not the only one playing the victim card this week. Am I the only one who is growing weary of Sarah's sob story?

At first, Sarah came across as a lovable underdog, and I couldn't help but root for her. But now, it seems like she's trying to have it both ways. She wants to be treated like everybody else, only when it's convenient for her.

During her one-on-one with Sean, she recounted a humiliating past experience of not being allowed to go zip-lining because of her disability. She wanted to prove that she could handle the extreme dates like anyone else.

However, when it came time for the roller derby group date, Sarah went into Poor Me Victim Mode, whining about how she was at a disadvantage because she didn't have two arms to balance herself. So now she wants to be singled out and given preferential treatment?

Amanda was the other victim on this week's roller derby date. She tried to psych out the competition by leading the other women to believe that she was a roller derby expert. Her confidence backfired, as she ended up falling and hurting her jaw.

Later that night, she tried to play up the damsel act, making her injury seem more serious than it really was. However, it looked like Sean was finally onto games. He sent her home at the rose ceremony.

No Kisses On the One-On-One Dates

Sean had two one-on-one dates this week, neither of them ending with a kiss.

He had a rather un-glamorous date with glamorous Selma. The normally non-athletic Selma conquered her fear of heights and heat by rock-climbing at the Joshua Tree National Park. The experience brought her and Sean closer, and she ended up with a rose.

However, because of her strict Muslim upbringing, she didn't feel right about kissing on national television (despite the fact that she signed up for a nationally televised reality dating show). It would be interesting to see how she reacts if she makes it to the overnight dates.

Leslie H. had the more glamorous "Pretty Woman" date, but it didn't have a happy ending. Although she had all the "wonderful qualities" that Sean was looking for, he just didn't feel a romantic spark.

In the reject limo, she said that she would give back all the jewelry and glamorous clothes just for the chance for more time with Sean. However, she's probably better off with the earrings (that she got to keep)! That jewelry will probably last longer than most of these "Bachelor" relationships anyway.

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