'Bachelor' Recap: Tierra ('That One') Sabotages Herself While AshLee Channels Mama Grizzly

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'Bachelor' Recap: Tierra ('That One') Sabotages Herself While AshLee Channels Mama Grizzly

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This week on "The Bachelor," Sean Lowe finally saw the light and sent this season's villain Tierra home. However, while Sean deserves some credit for making a wise decision, he didn't come to this decision without help.

If anything, Sean was looking for every excuse to keep Tierra around, but she sabotaged herself.

Sis Warns Sean About 'That One'

Sean's sister, Shay, convenient showed up for filming in St. Croix in order to offer him some advice. She warned him against picking the "girl that no one likes." She pointed out that if his potential wife didn't get along with other women, then it would be a problem.

I have to give Sean credit for actually taking the time to consider his sister's advice. (Ben Flajnik's sister had given him similar advice during his season, but we all know how that turned out.)

And in a possible throwback to the McCain/Obama debates, Sean talked about how previous bachelors had ended up with the girl that no one likes, and how he didn't want to end up with "that one."

Tierra Is An Ugly Crier

Even after hearing numerous warnings from his sister and the other women in the house, Sean tried to give Tierra every chance to prove herself. He even offered her a chance to meet his sister (despite being a week before the hometown dates.)

However, she proceeded to have yet another meltdown about "how difficult" this process has been for her. Sean decided that she wasn't emotionally capable of coping with the competitive format of the show, so he decided to send her home.

Instead of telling her that he had grown tired of her drama queen antics, Sean let her down easy by saying that "it was in her best interests" because he cared so much about her. Guess those practice break-up lines with Arie Luyendyk really paid off. He was able to kick this season's villain to the curb while still maintaining his nice guy persona.

I believe that had Tierra kept her cool this week, she could have met Sean's sister, put on a good face, and gotten herself a hometown date. However, one can only keep up a facade for so long.

AshLee Friend-Zones Herself

I gained quite a bit of respect for AshLee this week. She did not enter her one-on-one date with the intention of throwing Tierra under the bus. However, Sean had asked her, and she felt obligated to give him an honest and detailed answer about Tierra's inability to get along with the other women in the house.

And AshLee took the high road by talking to Tierra directly, instead of merely complaining behind her back.

Unfortunately, in the process of warning Sean about Tierra, AshLee may have friend-zoned herself in the process. During the ITMs, she went into Mama Grizzly mode, looking out for her man.

While she did the right thing, I fear that this will come back to bite her in the end. So far this season, any woman who has attempted to "look out" for Sean has gotten friend-zoned. As soon as AshLee warned Sean about Tierra, I could picture him mentally putting her into the category of caring sister or mama bear.

Other Developments

Lindsay had gotten the group date rose and was safe going into the rose ceremony. Catherine and Desiree also received roses.

AshLee barely survived the ceremony. Instead, Sean sent Lesley home. I was not surprised. While AshLee may be a bit too mature for Sean, Lesley always seemed a bit young for him.

The only surprise of the rose ceremony was Catherine's inexplicable meltdown. Apparently, she thought that Lesley had more in common with Sean than with her, and his decision made Catherine question how well she really knew Sean and what he was looking for.

Were you glad to see Tierra the Tierrable fall on her own sword? Did AshLee do the right thing by warning Sean? Were you surprised to see Catherine's meltdown at the rose ceremony?

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