'Bachelor' Recap: What We Learned from the 'Sean Tells All' Interview

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'Bachelor' Recap: What We Learned from the 'Sean Tells All' Interview

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Last night a "Bachelor" special, Sean Lowe talked to Chris Harrison about his thoughts going into the overnight dates. Although he didn't exactly "tell all," he did "tell some."

Here's a look at what we learned from Sean's interview.

Sean (supposedly) has feelings for all three remaining women.

During the interview, Sean obligingly towed the network party line, talking about how he "had never expected to develop such strong feelings for all three women." He's supposed to say that because they have a show to put on. He can't give away the ending!

Still, anyone with eyes can see that he's just going through the motions with Lindsay Yenter and AshLee Frazier. There's no spark between him and Lindsay, but he's keeping her around because she's a safe paper match. And it's obvious that he's just going through the motions with AshLee. He barely pecks her when they kiss.

Sean lights up and smiles much more when he talks about Catherine Giudici.

Sean admits that Desiree's brother factored in the decision to send her home.

We learned a bit more about what happened during Desiree Harstock's hometown date. As it turns out, Sean and her brother, Nate had actually had a pleasant conversation before he pulled a 180 by calling him a "playboy."

Did the producers put Nate up to this? It's impossible to tell. We doubt that this thug brother would have voluntarily uttered a five-syllable word like "reciprocation" on his own.

Still, Sean was right to call Nate a "jackass." It's one thing to ask difficult questions or to be skeptical about the "process." But Nate could have presented his grievances in a more civilized manner.

I have to give Sean some credit for admitting that the brother had factored in his decision to send her home. He could have just stuck to the franchise cliche about how she was "an incredible woman but not my wife" (as he did on Twitter).

That off week in Montana may have contributed to Desiree's elimination.

When Sean talked about his off week in Montana, he talked about how all the women were affected by the Tierra drama. He also mentioned that the drama had put a dent in his relationship with Desiree. He talked about how he was having to reassure her of their connection, and how this had come out of nowhere.

Did the fallout from the Tierra drama plant the seed for Desiree's eventual elimination on the show? Maybe we can't entirely blame the brother after all.

Sean has a healthy perspective about the Tierra drama.

During the interview, Sean expressed regret about keeping trouble-maker Tierra LiCausi around for so long. As he remarked, "she should never have even come on her show...she's a woman who's completely incapable of getting along with her peers."

While he was more than willing to "mea culpa," he also showed that he has a sense of humor. As he joked on his Twitter account, "After seeing these clips, I'm having second thoughts about sending Tierra home. Is it too late to bring her back?"

Fan favorites Lesley M., Sarah, and Jackie could find comfort in watching this interview.

A week before the hometown dates, Lesley Murphy struggled and wondered whether or not she should tell Sean that she was falling in love with him. During the interview, he mentioned that if she said "I love you," it could have been a game-changer. While she might be kicking herself for not telling him, at least she can be happy to know that he really did have strong feelings for her.

As for Sarah Herron, we could completely understand where she was coming from. She was so sick of hearing guys tell her how amazing she was, but that she just wasn't the one. During the interview, Sean offered some comfort by telling her that one day she would find the one, and that it would happen naturally.

Chris also pointed out that many "Bachelor" alumni benefit from their appearance on the show. They learn about themselves in the process, and are able to find love after they leave the show.

Meanwhile, Jackie Parr would be very happy to hear that Sean regrets not keeping her over Tierra during the two-on-one date.

Sean is contractually obligated to take off his shirt at least once per episode.

Well, we don't know that for sure, but it sure seems that way! At least once per episode, we get to see Sean's wax, ab-ulous chest. I swear, this guy is the network's answer to "Glee's" Chord Overstreet.

Last night, out of nowhere, they showed Sean taking a shower. The camera also teased us by zooming down the waist and stopping before they showed anything too scandalous. Considering that there was no cliche "Bachelor" voice-over of Sean talking about his "journey" on the show, there was no context for this shower scene. Still, we're pretty sure that he made many viewers very happy.

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