'Bachelor' Recap: Who Impressed & Who Depressed at 'Women Tell All'?

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'Bachelor' Recap: Who Impressed & Who Depressed at 'Women Tell All'?

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Last night, the eliminated "Bachelor" women reunited to reflect on their experiences with Sean Lowe and each other. Who impressed and who depressed at the "Women Tell All" special? Who was on the fence?

Who Impressed?

Desiree Hartsock Takes The High Road

Take note, AshLee: this is how you handle a breakup. Despite a heart-wrenching elimination after her hometown date, Desiree was very classy at the "Women Tell All." She's learned from the experience and has moved on in a healthy way.

On some level, she has justified reasons to be bitter. Her brother almost single-handedly nixed her chances with Sean, giving her one of the worst hometown dates in "Bachelor" history.

However, she chose to keep a positive attitude. Instead of dwelling on her elimination, she's looking to the future. While she was in the hot seat, she talked about what she learned from her relationship on the show, and how she was going to apply these lessons in her next relationship.

She also came across as very sincere when she talked about wanting to find a love like her parents had. "They just support each other, they build each other up, they're just meant to be together, and I really would love that for myself."

Best of all, Des took the high road by not harboring ill will toward Sean or her brother. When Sean talked to her, she genuinely wished him all the best.

She also understood her brother's point of view. She explained that he was not as open-minded and that he was very skeptical of the show in general. She also made it clear that although she valued her brother's opinion, it would never "steer" her one way or the other.

Her attitude towards her brother is so refreshingly mature. We all have a few difficult relatives in our family tree. All you can do is accept them for who they are while living your own life in the best way.

I'm totally on board with Desiree being the next "Bachelorette." She's super-cute, fun-loving, and has a great attitude.

Who Depressed?

AshLee Frazier Shows How Not To Handle A Breakup

Last night, AshLee was a walking handbook in how not to handle a breakup.

The first mistake she made was to demand an explanation and to ask why he sent her home. When you're being dumped, nothing can be accomplished from asking why. Relationships are messy. No matter how well-intentioned the dumper may be, he can't just give you a neat and tidy explanation of what went wrong, and send you on your merry way. Nothing he can say will make you feel better in that moment.

Her next mistake was to call him out for not "checking up" on her after their breakup. Really? It is not the dumper's job to help her through a breakup. If anything, calling would have only made it worse because it would have sent a mixed message and false hope.

Worst of all, AshLee accused Sean of behaving like a "frat boy" towards the other women, and not being the "southern gentleman" that he portrayed with her. Really? Doesn't she understand the format of the show? He's a single guy dating 25 women. Of course he's going to make the most of these experiences with the other women.

AshLee also accused Sean of misleading her by telling her that he had no feelings for Catherine or Lindsay. At this point, it's AshLee's word against Sean's. We'll never know what they talked about in the Fantasy Suite. But does it even matter?

If Sean really is a liar and an immature frat boy, as AshLee claims, nothing good can come from calling him out like that. It only makes her appear bitter and vindictive.

After that uncomfortable confrontation with Sean, AshLee has effectively squandered a lot of good will and public sympathy, and nixed her chances of being the next "Bachelorette."

Tierra LiCausi Has No Self-Awareness

On the one hand, I have to give Tierra props for showing up to "Women Tell All." She could have pulled a "Bentley" by disappearing, but instead she had the courage to face her critics and to speak her peace.

On the other hand, it's easy to put on a brave face when you have absolutely no social skills or self-awareness. Tierra continued to maintain that she was unfairly targeted after winning that first rose. (Tell that to Ashley Spivey. She won the first impression during Brad Womack's season. She went onto make a houseful of friends and became one of the most beloved contestants in "Bachelor Nation.")

Tierra also maintained that the other women were just jealous of her "sparkle." As she explained, "When I walk into a room I bring this joy and this smile and I'm happy," but not when she's in a room full of "people who judge me."

Even after spending the entire season tearing the other women down and giving them the cold shoulder, she seems to have learned nothing from the experience. She was unwilling to apologize or take any responsibility for her behavior on the show.

Tierra may be an even bigger villain than Courtney Robertson. At least Courtney attempted to make amends towards the end, even if it was to save face on national television. Courtney may have been a sociopath, but at least she understood that her behavior was wrong. Tierra seems completely oblivious and delusional.

On the Fence

Sarah Herron: Whiny Victim or Lovable Underdog?

I am so 50/50 about Sarah.

On the one hand, I totally understand where she's coming from. It sucks to have a guy tell you how wonderful you are, and how someone will be so lucky to have you, but still reject you.

I get it--she's not just upset about her breakup with Sean. She's frustrated because this has happened with other guys as well.

But throughout the season, I've gotten the sense that she's overplaying the victim card and blaming all the problems on having one arm. She talked about wanting to be treated like everyone else. But every time there was a physical challenge such the roller derby or the polar bear plunge, she was always whining about how she was at such a disadvantage because of her arm.

Then last night, she suggested that guys may be deterred by her one arm. I'm not buying it.

There are many attractive, charming, and intelligent people who can't seem to get it right in the love department. I also see plenty of stupid, unattractive, obese, and severely disabled people who are able to find love. It's all in the attitude.

On the other hand, I can't completely hate on Sarah. She did free-fall from a 35-story building, paddle a canoe, participate in a roller derby, and dive into sub-freezing water. So it's not like she doesn't practice what she preaches.

Should Desiree be the next "Bachelorette"? Who do you believe: AshLee or Sean? Who is a better match for Sean: Catherine or Lindsay?

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