'Bachelor' Premiere: Sean Lowe Bends the Rules, 'Breaks Up' with Arie

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'Bachelor' Premiere: Sean Lowe Bends the Rules, 'Breaks Up' with Arie

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Last night on "The Bachelor," Sean Lowe met the 25 (make that 26) ladies who were competing for his love.

Going into the season, I wondered if Sean was a bit too milquetoast to hold his own as a lead protagonist. When I think of Sean, I think of the dad from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" who rants, "my daughter gonna marry Ian Miller, ex xenos with the long hairs and the toast family!"

Brokeback Bromance

Apparently, the network had similar concerns because they sent in Arie Luyendyk in hopes that a manufactured bromance would boost ratings for the "Bachelor" season premiere.

It was a wise move on the part of ABC to bring Arie back. He and Sean had a humorous exchange with Arie giving him pointers on how to prepare for his upcoming "journey." Kissmaster Arie provided demonstrations of kissing techniques, complete with a closeup of Arie's tongue.

Had this been HBO or ABC Family, we might have expected these two to go "Brokeback Mountain." However, since this was network television, they kept it family-friendly.

Sean also displayed a surprising sense of humor, coming up with witty one-liners. When discussing breakup techniques, he said, "I can't say 'it's not you, it's me,' because it's obviously going to be them."

He then proceeded with some role-playing exercises where he pretended to break up with Arie.

Who knows? Maybe Sean won't completely put me to sleep this season.

Sean's Redeeming Qualities

Sean has other redeeming qualities as well. Unlike his predecessor Ben Flajnik, Sean seems refreshingly sincere in his desire to find a wife. And he actually seems open to dating outside his background, as he gave roses to several ethnic women on the show.

He also showed compassion for Sarah after she talked about wanting to be given a fair chance, despite having only one arm. Of course, we knew he was going to give her a rose. He wasn't about to look like a jerk on national television. Still, he actually seemed sincere in his desire to give her a chance.

Fifty Shades of Gimmicks

We were treated to the usual round of producer-engineered gimmicks when the ladies introduced themselves to Sean.

Bachelorette No. 1. AshLee left her "mark" on Sean with a bright red lipstick-stained kiss. Of course, Bachelorette No. 2 Selma arrived with a tissue to remove the stain.

Some of the more unfortunate incidents came from Lindsay, who arrived in a bridal gown, and later drunkenly tried to plant one on his mouth while they had their "first dance." At least she seemed to have some self-awareness, realizing that he may not have appreciated her "goofiness."

Ashley P. tried to channel "Fifty Shades of Grey/Drunk," but only left Sean clamoring for a rape whistle.

Recycled Contestants

We've seen it all before. Kristy (Courtney Robertson 2.0) is a brunette model who claims that the other girls will be "jealous" of her.

Meanwhile, Kacie Boguskie pulled a Shawntel Newton by returning for a second season on "The Bachelor." Apparently Kacie had met Sean after Emily's season and developed a crush on him.

On some level, Sean is more suitable match than Ben. She and Sean share more similar lifestyles and religious beliefs. However, I don't see Kacie going very far this season. When she showed up, he confessed to the cameras that he only saw her as a friend. Never a good sign.

Besides, if he had been interested, he would have pursued her months ago instead of signing up to be "The Bachelor."

Still, the ladies were none too happy to see Kacie, arguing that she "didn't deserve a second chance." Why are these ladies so up in arms about repeat contestants? Ever since DeAnna Pappas, the "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette" has always been a recycled contestant.

In any case, these ladies have nothing to worry about. In a few weeks, I imagine we'll be seeing Kacie in another teary expletive-laden rant in the reject limo.

Sean Bends the Rules

Sean was like Santa Claus, handing out roses by the dozen (literally). He made an unprecedented move by giving Tierra a rose right out of the limo. He then proceeded to hand out eleven more roses during the cocktail party.

By the time the rose ceremony rolled around, there were only seven roses left. Six ladies went home empty-handed, including Cruise Ship Kelly, "Bachelor Pad 3" reject Paige, Ashley H., "Fifty Shades" Ashley P., Lauren, and KeriAnn. (I found Sean's breakup with Arie far more entertaining than this rose ceremony.)

Were you glad to see Arie? Will Sean find love this season? Does Kacie "deserve a second chance"? Will Sean provide entertaining television this season? Or were you "Fifty Shades of Bored"?

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