'The Bachelor:' History Repeats Itself with Head-Kacie Boguskie

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This week on "The Bachelor," Kacie Boguskie shot herself in the foot by being a tattletale. Didn't she learn anything from Ben's season? Guys don't like it when girls rat each other out.

History Repeats Itself

Back in Ben's season, Emily O'Brien, who was a front-runner, sabotaged her chances in the game by "warning" Ben Flajnik about Mean Girl Courtney. Later that season, Kacie and Nicki Sterling also followed suit by trying to warn him.

This season, Kacie stirred the pot by warning Sean Lowe about the feud between Desiree and Amanda. Although Kacie claimed that she was just looking out for him, he wasn't buying any of it. He wondered why she was getting involved. He said that he wanted her to act like Kacie, not like this "crazy" person.

Kacie's move backfired. Not only did he send her home, but he also kept Desiree, Amanda, and the this season's other drama queen, Tierra.

Men Don't Like Snitches

As we've seen on these shows, guys are not going to be receptive when women snitch.

As Brad Womack commented during Ben's season, "Keep in mind, Ben only sees what the girls choose to show him. Girls that snitch come off as childish."

On top of that, it comes across as insulting. If a woman approaches a man to warn him about someone he's dating, he might interpret it as undermining him or questioning his judgment.

And Kacie had nothing to gain from throwing those girls under the bus. These contestants get so few opportunities for alone time. She would have been better off using that time to focus on her relationship with Sean.

Foregone Conclusion

On the other hand, Kacie's elimination was inevitable, with or without this week's meddling snafu.

Before the show, she was already in the friend zone. Had he been interested in her, he would have pursued a relationship with her outside the show instead of signing up to be the next "Bachelor."

Although Kacie didn't do herself any favors this week, there wasn't anything she could have done different with Sean. If a man is really into someone, he would be willing to overlook serious character flaws (Courtney Robertson, anyone?) But if he isn't, then nothing's going to change his mind.

Head Kacie-Boguskie

Kacie was a fan favorite during Ben's season, and in many ways, she could have been a suitable match for Sean. However, there was always something a little desperate about her.

During her hometown date with Ben, he was a little creeped when she started talking about how she wanted a marriage like her grandparents, and how her grandmother died of a broken heart just after her grandfather passed away.

Coming back after she was eliminated to "warn" Ben about Courtney, then coming back to pursue Sean, it all seemed contrived.

As J.P. Rosenbaum tweeted, "Really kacie? #bachelor101 you should know better than to meddle. Kacie, Good luck on bachelor18/bpad4/joe schmo show/whatever."

Other Developments

In other developments, Tierra fell down the stairs. AshLee (and not Selma) received a one-on-one date where she and Sean spent the day with two teens who suffered from chronic illnesses. Sean and Lesley M. set the Guinness World Record for Longest On-Screen Kiss.

Twelve girls went on a group date where they played beach volleyball and compete for more time with Sean. Lindsay received the group date rose. Later at the cocktail party, the women were stealing Sean and interrupting each other in ways that would have made Kanye proud.

Although Sarah didn't get a date this week, Sean surprised her by bringing her dog, Leo, in a limo.

Along with Kacie, Sean sent Taryn and Kristy home.

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