'Bachelor' Brad Womack Responds to This Week's Episode: Do You Agree or Disagree?

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Chris Harrison has his hands full this year on "The Bachelor."

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Chris Harrison has his hands full this year on "The Bachelor."

In response to this week's episode, former "Bachelor" Brad Womack tweeted, " Keep in mind, Ben only sees what the girls choose to show him. Girls that snitch come off as childish." I can't completely agree with him, but he does make an interesting point.

I've always agreed with the statement that women could rule the world if they didn't hate each other. We saw the ugly mean girl mentality when Shawntel Newton showed up. Although I didn't like Courtney's behavior this season, it was hard to feel sorry for the other women after the way they treated Shawntel. (Then again, Courtney was meaner to her than the other ladies were.)

Brad comes across as a guy's guy, someone who wouldn't rat out a guy because it violates the unspoken Bro Code. In a way, It's an admirable quality. Brad seems like someone who'd be a loyal friend.

Should the ladies have kept their mouths shut? I could see both sides. From a purely strategic standpoint, it would have been better to keep quiet and to focus on their own relationships with Ben, trusting that she would eventually fall on her own sword.

History shows that tattletales don't fare so well in the "Bachelor" franchise. Just ask Jake "Wes Has a Girlfriend" Pavelka.

But there's a downside to this guy code. We all saw what happened during Ashley's season with Bentley. At the time, everyone called Ashley a fool, but unlike Ben, nobody had bothered to warn her about Bentley (except Michelle Money, and that was before they even began filming).

If only one person rats Courtney out, it's easier to dismiss. But when everyone's saying the same thing, then it's cause for concern. Kacie and Nicki were warning Ben about Courtney even after they had been eliminated, so it's not like they had any selfish motives to tear her down.

Kacie and Nicki probably didn't see it as ratting a sister out. They saw it more as trying to protect Ben. On the elimination bench, Nicki told Ben that she wanted him to be happy, even if it wasn't with her.

I'm not sold on Courtney's sudden change of heart. She knows that the other contestants are on to her, so it's to her strategic advantage to be on her best behavior in order to keep Ben in her corner.

Some people will say or do anything in order to "win" the man or woman of their dreams. After the show ends, that's when she will show her true colors, for better or worse.

Is it just me or is Courtney getting the Emily Maynard treatment with these softie dates? While Lindzi was rappelling, Courtney was getting trips to the Swiss markets and cozy picnics. I'll believe she's "putting herself out there" when "Bachelor" makes her go zip-lining, rock-climbing, sky-diving, or bungee-cord jumping.

Lindzi is so pretty, but I'm not sure about some of these fashion choices. Her plum-colored dress with the silver-sequined collar reminded me of Maya Rudolph's critically-panned purple number from the 2012 Oscars.

Kacie is so sweet, but some of her inexperience showed this week when she talked to Ben at the hotel. She broke one of the cardinal rules of breakups: never ask why. That conversation can't end well. This is something she will learn with experience. She didn't do anything wrong--he was just scared of her father and smitten with Courtney.

Nicki's elimination was anti-climactic, but she conducted herself with class and maturity. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and she now has an entire "Bachelor" nation of eligible men to help her make the most of it.

Do you agree with Brad? Are the ladies shooting themselves in the foot by "snitching"? Or were they right to warn Ben about Courtney's suspicious behavior?

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