Axl Rose Robbed in Paris: Other Celebrity Robbery Victims

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It looks like Axl Rose didn't have a good evening after Guns N' Roses performed at a concert in Paris. According to reports, the singer was robbed of about $200,000 in jewelry at some point after his band left the stage. The angered star lost three necklaces adorned with gold and diamonds during the alleged theft, though he likely wasn't wearing them at the time. An investigation into the matter has started, and there are no plans for the band to cut the European tour short. Rose is not the first celebrity to be the victim of a robbery. Here are a few other stars that ended up having things stolen away from them.

Rachel Bilson

The stylish actress was the victim of a home robbery in 2009 while vacationing in Canada. The star of "The O.C." was spending time with Hayden Christensen when her Los Angeles home was invaded. Among other things, the thieves stole jewelry, designer clothing, and vintage shoes. "She's shaken," said a source close to the actress. "She feels violated." An avid fan of designer clothing, the actress ended up losing most of her extensive collection.

Kirsten Dunst

In 2007, the "Spider-Man" actress was the victim of theft when her expensive purse was stolen from her Manhattan hotel room. Cameras caught the thieves also making off with cash, credit cards, a cell phone, and a couple of digital cameras. Fortunately, the security footage enabled authorities to identify suspects in the case. Even better, most of the stolen goods were returned to the actress shortly after the incident occurred.

Lindsay Lohan

The talented actress is often in the news for her own mistakes, but sometimes she is an actual victim. That was the case this past December when her purse was stolen in Hawaii. Not only was the bag valuable, but the actress apparently had thousands of dollars in it. Though LiLo got the purse back, the money was long gone. On the plus side, important documents such as her passport and court papers ended up back in her possession. That had to take some of the sting out of the experience for the "Mean Girls" star.

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