Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis: Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached?

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Hollywood darlings Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have apparently decided to leave caution to the wind. Keeping mum on their "hanging out status" for weeks on end, the two and their PDA are continuing to serve as the focus for tabloid buzz. Kutcher's alleged flings no longer seem to surprise many people. But for some reason, his dalliance with "That 70s Show" costar, Mila Kunis has caught fans' interest.

Demi's distress…

It is rumored that actress Demi Moore is distraught over recent photos of the canoodling pair. While that would be difficult for any ex-spouse to witness, Moore has recently made headlines for her fragile physical and emotional state. Believing that Ashton has finally moved on has only made things more difficult. On the other hand, the "Two & A Half Men" actor appears to be enjoying his love life---one that now apparently includes a potential steady relationship.

Was romance always in the cards?

While one could say that Ashton has a thing for sexy brunettes, it's easy to see how he'd be drawn to Mila's fun, yet intense personality. That he and the "Black Swan" actress have known each other nearly two decades (starring together on "That 70s show") also speaks volumes. No one doubts that Ashton loved his ex-wife. But his comfort level with his new canoodling buddy may run more deeply than anyone realizes.

Hollywood Equals?

There are those who have always believed that Demi and Ashton's 16-year age difference would ultimately prove to be fatal to their marriage. Whether those people are correct is a moot point. In any case, that doesn't stop many from wondering whether the "Punk'd" creator is relieved to be seeing someone closer to his own age. Furthermore, although still young, both stars have the kind of longevity in the business that is common among up and coming "supercouples."

Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached…

Is it a coincidence that both actors have starred in movies during the same year (2011) that celebrate the convenience of no-hassle sex? Mila and Justin Timberlake were lovers in "Friends with Benefits" while Ashton romanced Natalie Portman in "No Strings Attached." And in true Hollywood style, each on-screen couple lived happily ever after-that is after they spent a good deal of time pretending they didn't love each other. For a while it seems that Mila and Ashton have been taking a cue or two from their respective movies. But whether their real life love story has a sequel remains to be seen.

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