Ashton Kutcher Comfortable in "Men" Role; Where Else Would the "Punk'd" Alum Make a Difference?

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Ashton Kutcher Comfortable in "Men" Role; Where Else Would the "Punk'd" Alum Make a Difference?

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Ashton Kutcher is seen here with his current costar Jon Cryer.

Despite the obvious differences -- age, demeanor, facial hair -- between Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher, the latter has slipped quite comfortably into the former's former role on the CBS smash hit, "Two and a Half Men." After Sheen's "winning" ways led him to losing his job on the show, "Men" creator Chuck Lorre and company shocked the world by selecting the former "Punk'd" star to fill the lead role in the CBS comedy. While Kutcher's prior roles -- usually a somewhat dimwitted, but funny and charming everydude -- could not have possibly been more different than the Charlie Parker portrayed by the ousted Sheen, audiences have overwhelmingly approved of Kutcher's performance as Walden Schmidt, a billionaire who made his fortune on the internet and ends up shacking up with Alan (Jon Cryer) and Jake (Angus T. Jones).

Given the somewhat unlikely success, you might be led to wonder where else Kutcher could step in and flourish. While having Kutcher on every channel would obviously be a bit hard to take, it would be interesting to investigate exactly how far this apparently versatile actor's range extends.

"CSI: NY" - It may seem like a stretch, but who knows? Kutcher could be up for the challenge of a serious drama. Next to the stern Gary Sinise, Kutcher could provide a lighter side for the dark streets of crime and punishment in New York. The series kicked off in 2004, so it could be some time for a breath of fresh air. After all, "CSI: NY" can get weighed down in "gloom and doom" due to its subject matter, so dropping another character into the mix might not hurt, especially when it's Kutcher, as it can be difficult to take him too seriously, even in non-comic roles.

"Glee" - Given the success of "Glee" -- both on television and on the music download chart -- one would seem ill-advised to tweak anything about this formula. But using your imagination doesn't hurt. Imagine Jane Lynch is called away from the school and Ashton has to step in to coach the teens to success. It's not too difficult to imagine a care-free, comical Kutcher getting his song and dance on with a bunch of 20-something actors portraying teenagers. After all, that's what Kutcher's been doing for years!

"The Walking Dead" - With the rate at which fatalities occur on this zombie apocalypse thriller, it's safe to say that some room could be made for Ashton. If there was ever a situation in which the light, playful, "Punk'd"-era humor of Kutcher was needed, it would be in the world of Rick Grimes, a deputy whose day job becomes leading a group of survivors through a world overrun by the undead. Since Kutcher's current modus operandi appears to be stepping in as a random character of impressive stature, perhaps it'd be interesting to see if he could pull off the role of scientist offering a potential cure for the zombies. Such a role might not be a lasting one, though, as the last scientist to offer potential was killed in a bomb blast at the CDC in the season one finale.

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