Arsenio Hall or Jaleel White: Whose Reality TV Tirade was Worse?

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Arsenio Hall or Jaleel White: Whose Reality TV Tirade was Worse?

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Comedian Arsenio Hall lost his cool on Aubrey O'Day on "Celebrity Apprentice."

Two different television stars of the 1990s are taking a hit to their reputations this week after a couple of tirades, one of which was broadcast. Arsenio Hall, competing on "Celebrity Apprentice" went off on pop singer Aubrey O'day after she took the lion share of credit for their team victory on the most recent episode. In the boardroom segment of the show, O'day told Donald Trump and the rest of the room that she was the one responsible for the win, and that set off Hall something fierce.

Claiming that he'd "... Googled her and a naked picture with a gut popped up," Hall's rant was so vitriolic that it sent Aubrey out of the room in a huff. If that isn't enough, the singer told Us Weekly that in the next episode, the former late night talk show host goes another step further, "... when he calls me a whore," she reveals. "He doesn't want strong women to have too much of a voice. "

Earlier this week, word got out that former "Family Matters" star Jaleel White had a full-on meltdown at a rehearsal session for his appearance on "Dancing With the Stars." The man who was once the lovable Steve Urkel apparently was not thrilled about how his partner, professional dance Kym Johnson, was acting after White accidentally stepped on her foot. Saying that she was "...acting like a baby" and ultimately calling her an "idiot," White's tantrum was apparently big enough to where NFL player and fellow contestant Donald Driver couldn't even calm him down.

What makes both episodes so interesting is that both Arsenio and Jaleel both had public images of being nice guys. Hall was a successful late night host, known for his wisecracks, big smile and big laughs. White played one of America's most beloved "nerds," beaming into millions of households every Friday night on ABC for years. But both stars are looking like bullies and babies in the wake of their tantrums and tirades.

So which star will take the biggest hit to his reputation? White's tantrum wasn't taped and Hall's was actually broadcast, with the "whore" comment still to come. It's always more shocking to actually see the tirade than to read about it, so we'd guess that the higher shock value will come from Arsenio. Also, while it's true that Jaleel's public persona was much more squeaky-clean than Hall's before the incident, he didn't go quite to the levels of vitriol that Hall did, certainly not referring to any nude pictures on the Internet, and the worst thing he called his dance partner was "idiot."

If we were the judge in this case, we'd have to say that Arsenio's tantrum and insults is probably the more offensive of the two, but who do you think deserves the stink-eye more? Drop a comment and let us know!

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