Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mischief with Maid Inspires 'Law & Order: SVU' Episode

Husband from 'Desperate Housewives' Cast in Ripped-from-the-Headlines 'Ah-nold' Role

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's divorce drama to be storyline of a "Law & Order: SVU" episode

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's divorce drama to be storyline of a "Law & Order: SVU" episode

As if his divorce from Maria Shriver weren't getting enough media attention, Arnold Schwarzenegger has the dubious distinction of being one of a few select celebrities upon whom a ripped-from-the-headlines "Law & Order" episode is based. Although the show is always careful to change enough details to claim its fictional plots' resemblance to real life stories are coinkydinks, media outlets are claiming an upcoming episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" is indeed about the Arnold-Maria-Maid love triangle.

The character in the "SVU" story will be named Andrew instead of Arnold. Get it? They both start with an a. In another subtle change, the cheater will reside in New York City and be a muscular action star turned philanthropist instead of a muscular action star turned politician .

And in a curious casting note, Kyle Maclachlan -- the actor who played Bree's wimpy husband Orson Hodge on "Desperate Housewives" and Charlotte's mama's boy on "Sex and the City" -- is slated to play Schwarzenegger.

The Schwarzenegger divorce drama is far from the first time "Law & Order" writers have plucked tales from the tabloids to create their plots. Other celebs' legal tangles have also been thinly masked by the show's writers. These are their stories:

Lindsay Lohan story on "Law & Order: Los Angeles" pilot

The pilot episode of the biggest "Law & Order" loser in the franchise's history -- "Law & Order: Los Angeles" had a shorter life span than a snowman in Malibu -- was based on the Hollywood Burglar Bunch, a.k.a the Bling Ring. This elite group of thieves was alleged to have lifted more than $3 million in clothing and bling from the likes of Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan -- as much for laughs as for profit.

The show focused on a mother-daughter pair modeled after Lindsay and Dina Lohan -- a party girl actress and her momager. Where fiction parted ways with fact in the L&O episode, the desperate Dina character -- dismayed by her daughter's dying career -- colludes with the burglars and arranges for her attractive starlet daughter to distract the burglary targets.

Kate Gosselin in drag on "Law & Order"

In the 2009 "Reality Bites" episode of "Law & Order," Kate Gosselin's show "Kate Plus 8" becomes "Larry Plus 10," the difference in show titles slimmer than LeAnn Rimes' waistline. In this fictional version of the Gosselin saga, the Kate character is bludgeoned to death and Larry proceeds with the reality TV show solo. Presumably like Jon Gosselin, daddy dearest also has a girlfriend on the side. Meanwhile, a woman who had 10 kids via in vitro fertilization (Nadya Suleman anyone?) competes with Larry to capture the reality show contract.

In addition to making Kate a guy, the show's writers changed the children to adopted special needs kids to fictionalize the story. And in a tongue-in-cheek twist, the Octomom character says she wants her reality show to be "like 'Jon & Kate' . . . only less depressing"

Anna Nicole Smith as nymphet mom-of-a-suicide on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"

In the 2001 "Bombshell" episode of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," the potboiler tale of Playboy model turned billionaire's wife, Anna Nicole Smith, is spun into a storyline. The stripper's son suffers what seems like an accidental drug overdose, but the case turns into a homicide investigation after mom dies soon after having a baby and the paternity of the father is called into question.

What celebrity stories would you like to see as a future "Law & Order" episode? Post below.

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