Arnold Schwarzenegger Wears Tacky 'I Survived Maria' T-Shirt

Splitting Celebs Say it with T-Shirts

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Who survived whom? Arnold or Maria?

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Who survived whom? Arnold or Maria?

Arnold Schwarzenegger may want to get his name on the transplant list for a new sense of humor since the one he has seems to be failing. In a lame attempt at being funny, the man who slept with his family's maid sported a T-shirt that said in big bold letters, "I Survived Maria," along with the years his relationship with the Kennedy heiress began and ended.

The former action star recently wore the shirt out in public during a bike ride. As a new bachelor, it's possible all of his other T-shirts were in the hamper, but there is ultimately no excuse for continuing to humiliate a woman who has put up with your shenanigans for years and then pretend you were the martyr -- even as a joke.

The T-shirt -- created before the couple split -- was actually a parting gift to the former California governor from the staff of his former first lady. Meant as a tongue-in-cheek gag , the wearing of the shirt after his wife discovered he had fathered a child with another woman and kept it a secret for 14 years, was just plain cheeky, if not insulting.

With the media and public overwhelmingly taking the side of his soon-to-be-ex bride -- even her BFF Oprah made her sound like St. Maria -- the T-shirt may have been a passive-aggressive way for the "Terminator" to convey his own message.

Whether or not his tacky T-shirt was a joke, Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the only celeb to dress to express. Despite the fact that most stars have a posse of publicists to speak for them, sometimes they'd rather say it with T-shirts:

Julia Roberts: A Low Vera

Before Angelina Jolie, the "Pretty Woman" star was the most notorious A-lister since Elizabeth Taylor to be accused of Hollywood husband stealing. Julia Roberts' now-husband Danny Moder was already married to a make-up artist named Vera Steimberg when he switched to team Julia. Not content to just take her husband, the "Steel Magnolia" actress was photographed wearing a T-shirt that said, "A Low Vera" -- a lame pun on the popular healing plant -- possibly because her camera man cutie's wife was dragging her heels on a divorce.

Jon Gosselin : Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies

The real-life snarling "Married With Children" couple Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced before America's eyes, but not without trying to make each other look bad before the cameras. The former "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star showed the world what he thought of a certain someone when he wore a T-shirt that said, "Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies."

Britney Spears: Dump Him

We don't think it was an "oops" when Britney Spears wore a T-shirt that showed how she felt about her former flame, Justin Timberlake. Back in 2002, after her then-NSYNC heart throb took up with a new girlfriend, the femme fatale appeared in public wearing a belly-baring tee-shirt that said "Dump Him." Years later, after breaking up with her husband Kevin Federline, Spears wore a different tee-shirt that may have revealed more than she realized. It read: "The One I Love."

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