Arnold Schwarzenegger and Other Celebrities With Secret Lives

Famous People Who Played a Real-Life Version of 'I've Got a Secret'

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For more than 14 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger kept a secret from his wife and the public.

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For more than 14 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger kept a secret from his wife and the public.

In a city where some people's job is just to follow around celebrities, it seems impossible that a mega-star like Arnold Schwarzenegger could keep hidden for more than 14 years a secret affair with his housekeeper that resulted in a son, who not only looked like him, but even hung out with his family. As disappointed as Schwarzenegger's fans are by his devious behavior, they are also impressed by his finesse at foiling reporters who focused on small fish allegations during his first campaign for governor of California in 2003 while the figurative elephant was in the living room the whole time -- vacuuming the carpet.

Schwarzenegger is not the only celebrity who is good at keeping a secret. Here are some other famous people who managed to keep their private lives out of the media spotlight for many years:

Tiger Woods: Golf fans were shocked when Tiger Woods -- whose image was more "Boy's Life" than "Playboy" -- turned out to be a philandering lounge lizard. Not only did the boy wonder cheat on his wife, Elin Nordegren, he cheated on his gaggle of girlfriends, many of whom mistakenly believed they were "the one." The golf gladiator had such an impressive public persona that soccer dads wanted their sons to grow up to be just like him, only to discover he was their daughters' worst nightmare. "Los Angeles Times" writer Robin Abcarian speculated the media kept a blind eye to Woods, not wanting to tarnish the reputation of the sport or lose what little access they had to the guarded golfer.

Meredith Baxter: A hipper version of June Cleaver, Meredith Baxter played the part of socially liberal mother Elyse Keaton for seven years on TV's "Family Ties." But it still came as a surprise to some of the show's fans when Baxter announced to Matt Lauer on the "Today Show" in 2009 that she was a lesbian. Baxter's public announcement may have been prompted by an investigation by the "National Enquirer," which learned Birney had taken a cruise targeted to lesbians. The former wife of David Birney, with whom she co-starred in the heterosexual comedy "Bridget Loves Bernie," told Lauer her realization that she was a lesbian came later in life, though the privacy seeking star still managed to keep her new identity a secret for seven years.

Bob Crane: It wasn't until after he was murdered that America learned the beloved star of "Hogan's Heroes," Bob Crane, led a double life in which the reputed family man starred as himself in multiple home-made sex videos and nude photographs with women other than his wife. The shocking story of Crane's secret life, which was turned into the 2002 movie "Auto Focus," stunned fans of the seemingly clean-cut star who played the beloved Col. Robert E. Hogan on TV in the 60s. The movie's screen writer, Paul Schrader, was fascinated by Crane's duplicity, portraying himself as a "conservative Republican family man" while secretly posing for lurid Polaroids. "He really did live that classic life of the hypocritical Hollywood star," he said.

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