Arnold Schwarzenegger Divorce Could Be as Secretive as His Affair

Could 'Terminator's' Divorce Diffuse More Bombshells

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Despite the flowers, it looks like Maria Shriver smelled a skunk.

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Despite the flowers, it looks like Maria Shriver smelled a skunk.

In a departure from his typical hammy, loud-talking behavior, Arnold Schwarzenegger is likely to keep his upcoming divorce as quiet as his affair with his family's maid. The "Terminator" star and his estranged wife, Maria Shriver, have each hired lawyers who specialize in keeping the divorces of high profile people away from the hurtful gossip and harsh glare of the media spotlight.

With the tawdry story of Schwarzenegger's secretly fathering a child with housekeeper Mildred "Patty" Baena re-hashed all over Twitter and the tabloids, interest in the details of the couple's divorce may have already waned. Such minutiae as who gets the ski condo and stock options are more fascinating to accountants than average Joes. And with Schwarzenegger's possible net worth as high as $700 million, a dollar here or there won't determine whether the shafted Shriver buys her bracelets at Target or Tiffany & Co.

Still, reports that the former NBC news reporter may have hired a private eye to uncover other children and affairs Arnold has hidden could mean nuggets of gossip that would make headlines if the couple's divorce were conducted publicly could be kept as quiet as top secret spy documents. Shriver's lawyer, Laura Wasser -- who has represented such celebrities as Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and Kiefer Sutherland in their divorces -- is jokingly known as the "Disso Queen" for helping so many stars discretely dissolve their marriages. The fashionable 43-year-old helped Angelina Jolie divorce Billy Bob Thornton with "only the tiniest ripple of gossip," according to CNN reporter Ann O'Neill .

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger 's lawyer, Bob Kaufman, is also known for keeping his clients' dirty divorce details out of the news. The lawyer to the stars boasts Jennifer Aniston as a client in her painful divorce from Brad Pitt. Kaufman's biggest challenge could be keeping his colorful, cigar smoking client -- known for outbursts about Cal-ee-fornia and girlie men when he served as governor of California --from hanging out with curious reporters.

Both Wasser (whose legal eagle dad deliberately gave her the initials L.A.W.) and Kaufman have reputations of keeping their couples' dirty laundry in the hamper. "Laura and Bob always have a private judge handle their high profile clients," a source told Radar Online. "Once a settlement has been agreed upon, one of the lawyers will formally go to court and tell the presiding judge that an agreement has been made."

Chances are still good another bombshell could drop from the "Kindergarten Cop's" divorce to the charismatic Kennedy clan member. With past paramours like Brigitte Nielsen coming out of the woodwork like termites, the Schwarzenegger-Shriver divorce could reveal more secret children and affairs despite the lawyers' best laid plans.

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