Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits Affair with Brigitte Nielsen: His Other Confessions

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits Affair with Brigitte Nielsen: His Other Confessions

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are separating.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is finally speaking out about his high-profile affair and love child with his family's nanny - conveniently, of course, as he promotes his new memoir, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.

The book mainly deals with Schwarzenegger's love life. The takeaway? He's not afraid of having affairs, apparently.

Affair With Brigitte Nielsen

Schwarzenegger and Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen starred together in the 1985 film "Red Sonja" - and now he's admitting they hooked up during filming. The bad thing? He was dating Maria Shriver at the time.

In the book, the "Terminator" star said he had a "hot affair" with the actress, though it ultimately inspired him to marry Shriver. Nielsen also wrote on the subject in her memoir last year, calling their trysts an "outrageous affair" and alleging she didn't know about Shriver.

Multiple Affairs

So, did Schwarzenegger only cheat on Shriver with Nielsen and the nanny? Unfortunately, no: The former governor revealed on "60 Minutes" that he cheated a bunch of times during their nearly three-decade marriage.

So, does he feel bad about it? It doesn't seem like it in the book.

"You cheated on Maria," interviewer Leslie Stahl asked the actor during the television interview, "and you don't even write that you felt bad about it. You just write it."

"Actually, you know, I did feel bad about it," Schwarzenegger replied. "But all of my different things - they were mistakes, and, you know, my failure. My screw-ups."

When He Knew the Nanny's Son Was His

Schwarzenegger maintains that he didn't know maid Mildred Baena's son was his until the boy entered his pre-teen years. Schwarzenegger added that he and Baena never discussed it -- he just started giving her money when Joseph turned eight.

Does he have a relationship with his now-teenage son? He wouldn't talk about it.

"I don't want to reawaken and kind of talk about it because it's not going to help them. And I just want to protect them as much as I can," he told "60 Minutes."

Maria Shriver Stays Classy

Shriver hasn't spoken out on her now ex-husband's affairs, but her pals are speaking on out her behalf.

"Bulls***," a friend told TMZ of Schwarzenegger's claims that Shriver knew about his affairs. We have a hard time believing a strong, capable woman like Shriver would stick with a serial philanderer if she knew about it.

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