'Anything Could Happen' on 'Glee's' Wedding Episode

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'Anything Could Happen' on 'Glee's' Wedding Episode

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(Naya Rivera)

This week's "Glee" episode, "I Do," was bizarre. As summed up in the cast's closing number, "Anything Could Happen."

Runaway Bride

Emma (Jayma Mays) stole the show in this angst-filled wedding-themed Valentine's Day episode. Despite her recurring OCD, she was the voice of reason while Finn (Cory Monteith) freaked out over their impromptu kiss. He struggled to perform his duties as Will's (Matthew Morrison) best man after kissing his fiancee.

Emma put him in his place by telling him to "get over it." We're glad that Finn kept his mouth shut (for now). Nothing good can come from a selfish confession. Why should she have to suffer because he was the one who kissed her?

We also loved her performance of "(Not) Getting Married Today." Jayma is one of the few bright spots in this lackluster fourth season of "Glee." She has an Old Hollywood charm and really throws herself in to her character.

Brooding Groom

I'm wondering if Carl (John Stamos) would have been a better match for Emma after all. This guy always had her back, and he never would have left her to plan an entire wedding by herself.

When Emma left Will at the altar, he could have attempted to talk to her. After all, they live together and work at the same school. But instead, he chose to hang out with a high-school students and college freshmen. Doesn't this guy have friends his own age?

Endgame Couples

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith have undeniable chemistry (both on-screen and off-screen), but I would be more likely to root for Rachel and Finn if the writers weren't so heavy-handed about shoving them down our throats.

In a thinly-veiled Ryan Murphy monologue, Finn told Rachel how despite her modern, "Sex in the City" relationship with Brody (Dean Geyer), she was Finn's girlfriend and that they were "endgame." He topped it off with a "she loves me, she loves me not" speech (I'm sure he realized that all he had to do was choose a flower with an odd number of petals).

Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) "Just Couldn't Get Enough" of each other. Beginning with a steamy hook-up in the limo, to their duet, and their night of passion, these exes revisited took a trip down memory lane. However, as Kurt was quick to remind him, this did not mean that they were back together.

"Hagatha Christie"

Ryan Murphy has a way of giving the fans what we want, but doing it in a way that makes us regret what we wished for (Puckleberry revisited, anyone?). For several seasons, we've been asking for more Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz). The writers responded by giving us the most degrading, cringe-worthy storyline in "Glee" history (and that's pretty telling, considering that season 4 also featured Marley's eating disorder).

Tina's crush on Blaine came out of nowhere. Thankfully, Kurt abruptly put a stop to it. He called her out for being a creepy hag. I'm not sure that Kurt had the authority to call Tina out, considering his predatory crush on Finn during season 1. However, we're glad that this story line has been put to rest. Unfortunately, "vapo-rape" will forever be a part of our lexicon.

Quinntana >>> Brittana

Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Santana (Naya Rivera) have always enjoyed a healthy following in the Fanfiction community, but we never expected the writers to actually explore this relationship on the show.

By default, Quinn and Santana ended up being each other's dates to Will and Emma's wedding. While Santana struggled to come to terms with Brittany (Heather Morris) and Sam (Chord Overstreet), Quinn expressed disillusionment with men as a whole, and vowed not to let guys define her anymore.

After a slow dance, Quinn and Santana ended up having a night of passion in their hotel room. While I don't see them pursuing this beyond a one-night stand, I actually prefer Quinntana to Brittana. Quinn and Santana are both feisty, strong-willed, and more intellectually well-matched.

"People Who Are the Same Belong Together"

Emma decided to fit Artie (Kevin McHale) up with her buxom blonde niece, Betty (Ali Stroker). She neglected to mention the fact that Betty, like Artie, was also in a wheelchair.

"South Park's" Eric Cartman would have been happy to see this. After all, he believes that "people who are the same belong together."

Cyrano deRyder

In an effort to sweep Marley (Melissa Benoist) off her feet, Jake (Jacob Artist) sought advice from his former rival, Ryder (Blake Jenner).

I'm still not buying the idea of Marley as some kind of femme fatale heart-breaker. She doesn't seem interesting or compelling enough to have two hot guys fighting over her. If anything, I have to wonder if Ryder's forlorn looks were directed more at Jake than Marley. Who knows? Maybe these two guys should just pull a "Brokeback Mountain" and ditch this bland chick.

The Brody Bunch

Despite being "shacked up," Rachel and Brody seem to have an open relationship. However, Rachel seems to the only honest one in the relationship. She told Brody about her night with Finn, but he did not disclose the fact that he was having sex for money.

To make matters worse, in a montage of "Anything Could Happen," Rachel took a pregnancy test and seemed to test positive. Considering what happened to Quinn in high school, you'd think that her friends would have been more vigilant about birth control.

Can Will and Emma salvage their relationship? Was Quinntana a one-time deal, or should the writers further explore this? Will Tina ever have a decent story line?

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