Another Chevy Chase Voicemail Hits the Internet -- a Look at This Best Work

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Actor-comedian Chevy Chase.

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Actor-comedian Chevy Chase.

Let's just hope this one doesn't go the route of Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre! This week another voice mail from Chevy Chase to "Community" creator Dan Harmon hit the Internet, and this one paints Chase in an even more manic and kind of depressing light. In the voice mail, which Harmon played at a show he was performing in. The first voice mail that leaked caused such a stir among the embattled sitcom's rabid fans that Harmon felt compelled to apologize both to them and Chevy in a long blog post.

Now with the second voice mail leaking, who knows what impact this could have on the NBC sitcom that's already had to claw it's way back onto the broadcast schedule. In the blast from Chase, he mentions his disdain for the material that Harmon and his writers give the veteran comedian to work with. "It ain't funny to me because I'm 67 years old and I've been doing this a long time. I've been making a lot of people laugh, a lot better than this." Ouch. Let's hope for everyone involved that an amicable resolution can be found and Chevy can stay on the campus of Greendale Community College a little while longer.

To lighten the mood a bit, we thought we'd take a look at some of Chevy's funniest work over his career.

Clark W. Griswold in The "Vacation" Films - Probably considered his best work after he left the original "Saturday Night Live" cast, Chevy has starred as the bumbling but kind and devoted Clark Griswold in several National Lampoon films. Starting with the original "Vacation," Chevy used his natural knack for falls and tumbles and trademark sarcastic delivery to great effect in these films. Whether he was driving his family across the country to go to an amusement park, traipsing through Europe while leaving a wake of destruction, or trying to cobble together the best family Christmas ever, Chase really made Clark a part of the American zeitgeist.

Irwin Fletcher in "Fletch" - Probably Chevy's best work outside of the "Vacation" films, "Fletch" was a chance for him to show off more of his slapstick abilities. In "Fletch" Chevy plays a reporter who while undercover is asked by a rich man to kill him so his wife can take the insurance money and live off it. When Fletch finds holes in the man's story, the adventure begins, plunging Chase into a bunch of different costumes and disguises in order track down the truth of the whole story.

Andy Farmer in "Funny Farm" - It's true, the film is pretty much an excuse for Chevy to be Chevy. Physical comedy, sarcastic and dry puns, and hilarious freak-outs are all over this film about a writer who moves to the country to work on his novel, only to have his entire life unravel around him. In particular, watching Chevy interact with the local residents of the small rural town is well-worth giving the film a screening.

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