Is Anne Hathaway's Next Big Project a Baby? - 3 Reasons She'd Be a Great Mommy

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Actress Anne Hathaway turns 30 today!

Actress Anne Hathaway has had quite the momentous last few weeks. In September she took the plunge and got married to actor Adam Shulman. Then just over a week ago she hit a big personal milestone when she turned 30. Now the star of this summer's blockbuster hit "The Dark Knight Rises" is talking about taking on yet another big change in her personal life.

Hathaway told The Hollywood Reporter that she really wants to have a baby with Shulman and that they're already discussing where to raise the child. Said Hathaway, "I really want to have a baby, and my husband and I are like, 'Where are we gonna live?'" As far as we see it, the "Princess Diaries" star has quite a few things going for her that would make her an excellent mommy, and here are three.

She's Never In The Tabloids - Unless something drastically changes between now and when her baby would be born, Anne is a top notch star in the rare position to not be dragged through the mud in the tabloids every day. Unlike many of her other contemporaries who also starred in Disney movies and on Disney TV shows, she's transitioned into adult life without a snag. That kind of stability would be essential for providing her new bundle of joy a home away from the harsh glare of the media spotlight.

Lullabies Would Come Naturally - One thing that's truly remarkable about Anne is her ability to not just act at a high level, but to sing as well. That makes us think she'd be really very good at soothing a new baby to sleep, which any new parent can tell you is a rarity in and of itself. Perhaps if the new Hathaway-Shulman baby is a little fussy, something from "Les Miserable" would help get them back on the sleep train.

She Just Seems So Nice, Doesn't She? - Maybe it's a gut feeling, but we just can't help but think the charming and effervescent personality that Anne displays when she's on talk shows or doing press for the films she's in is truly genuine. That upbeat personality would serve her well when the baby is up in the wee hours of the morning and needs comforting. It's hard not to assume she'd be such a great mommy, based just on how sweet, sincere and truly funny she comes off as whenever we get a glimpse of the real Anne.

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