Anna Faris & Chris Pratt Are Expecting! - Why We Think They'll Be Awesome Parents

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There aren't very many couples who are as simultaneously adorable and completely hilarious as Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. Anna has starred in countless comedies such as the "Scar Movie" franchise and her scene-stealing work in "Lost in Translation" is phenomenal. Pratt plays one of the most brilliantly written and performed characters in sitcom history, Andy Dwyer, on NBC's "Parks and Recreation." Come this fall, Anna and Chris will have one more reason to smile and laugh as they welcome a new addition to their home.

The two met each other on the set of the box-office bomb "Take Me Home Tonight," filming started in 2007, though the film was not released until 2011. The failure of the film didn't stop them from falling in love, and Faris and Pratt got married in 2009. This is the couple's first baby, and the first child for either actor. Faris had been married once before to actor Ben Indra from 2004 to 2008, while Pratt had been a bachelor until he said "I do" to Anna. We think Anna and Chris will make amazing parents, and here are some of our reasons why.

It Never Hurts to Smile and Laugh - Parenting is hard work. There are sleepless nights, endless worries about the health and well being of your little bundle of joy, and that's just the first few months. Then the real work begins! The ability to smile and laugh through even the toughest challenges is a major asset, and with two hilarious parents, we think Baby Faris-Pratt will see no shortage of of either in their new home.

They Stay Out of Trouble and The Tabloids - We never see Anna or Chris getting in drunken bar fights in the wee hours of the morning. We don't see a new report every week foretelling their impending split. This bodes well for a very stable home life, which is absolutely critical for a child's upbringing, and will help to make baby, mom and dad all feel very secure.

They Can Ask Chris' Co-Star For Advice - "Parks and Recreation" co-creator and star Amy Poehler has two kids herself with her completely hilarious husband Will Arnett. If anyone can understand the challenges that two hilarious, busy actors face while raising kids, Poehler can. Just imagine how cute the play dates will be on the set!

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