Angelina Jolie as Mother Goose and Other Halloween Costume Ideas for Female Celebrities

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Angelina Jolie as Mother Goose and Other Halloween Costume Ideas for Female Celebrities

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Angelina Jolie

Forget the wedding gown. The biggest wardrobe decision for Angelina Jolie these days is what to wear for Halloween.

Well, maybe not. But if it were, we'd have some fun ideas for the jet-setting mom and fiancé of Brad Pitt.

The "Salt" actress -- who is oft depicted surrounded by her six children -- could dress up as Mother Goose for Halloween. Just add beak, bonnet and gingham skirt and the actress who is currently filming "Maleficent" in London will have her kids honking with delight.

Alternately, the United Nations Good Will Ambassador could dress up as Mother Teresa by trading in one of her sexy slit-legged gowns for one of the future saint's white saris. As with the ubiquitous Halloween ghost costume, she could stitch one up from a bed sheet stashed in the linen closet of one of her many homes.

But, hey, why should Angelina have all the fun? Here are some of our favorite Halloween costume ideas for other celebrities.

Lady Gaga as a Librarian

The "Born This Way" singer -- whose hair comes in more colors than a My Little Pony -- should surprise everyone by dressing up for Halloween as a librarian. Instead of wearing a meat dress or leather underwear, she could score a plain-Jane skirt, blouse and flats at the mall and dress them down with a limp, mousy-brown wig and cat-eye glasses. What Little Monster wouldn't want to check out books from the pop princess?

Gwyneth Paltrow as a Bag Lady

How about GOOPy Gwyneth dressing up for Halloween as a bag lady? The posh lifestyle guru may be the last person you'd think of keeping a few paltry possessions in a sack -- but we're thinking Coach or Gucci bags filled with organic lotions and macrobiotic munchies.

Kardashian Sisters as the Three Musketeers

Though we admit we've never been sure who the Three Musketeers actually were, we're thinking they were three attached-at-the-hip guys who did everything together -- just like the Kardashian sisters. From posing topless for their Sears line of fashion jeans to publishing a cheesy novel together, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe seem to live their lives in lockstep. If they can't find swords, they could dress up as the Three Stooges instead.

Snooki as a Carrot or Carton of Milk

Now that she's a mom, MTV's "Jersey Shore" breakout star may want to tone down her image for Halloween. The woman who once wore a pickle costume could dress up this year as a more wholesome food staple, like a potato or glass of milk. If the pint-sized party girl insists on hitting the clubs on Halloween night, she could save money on a sitter by dressing up as a kangaroo with her new baby Guido peeking out from her pouch.

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