Angelina Jolie is Maleficent, Other Stars Who've Played Fairytale Characters

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The first photos of Angelina Jolie's appearance of Maleficent, the evil enemy of Sleeping Beauty, surfaced and it looks like the film is going for the same look as the classic Disney cartoon. In "Maleficent," the focus is on the antagonist instead of the Disney Princess, in much the same way that the stage show "Wicked" showed the story from the Wicked Witch's point of view.

This is not the first time a major movie star has taken on the role of a classic fairy tale character. Here is a look at other attempts to bring fairy tale villains to life.

Charlize Theron, "Snow White and the Huntsman"

The most recent addition to the fairy tale movie genre is "Snow White and the Huntsman," starring Kristen Stewart as Snow White. It was one of two Snow White based movies to hit in 2012, and while the other had mega-star Julia Roberts as the evil queen, "Huntsman" had the beautiful Charlize Theron star as Ravenna, the evil queen.

The movie took the classic fairy tale and added a ton of action, with great battles as Snow White turns into a sword wielding fighter. However, it was Theron as the queen that stole the movie as the actress sunk her teeth into the character and chewed up scenery every chance she got.

Helena Bonham Carter, "Alice in Wonderland"

One movie that might have influenced the direction of the action packed "Snow White" film is Tim Burton's "Alice in Woderland." Released in 2010, the movie was a surprise hit, growing over $1 billion at the worldwide box office and becoming one of 3D cinema's biggest hits.

Burton brought back many of his core actors, including his longtime romantic partner, Helena Bonham Carter, to portray the Red Queen. Much like "Maleficent," Burton wanted to create the same look as the original Disney cartoon and added a giant forehead to the Red Queen to match with her smaller body. With shrieks of "off with their heads," Bonham Carter stole the screen in every scene she appeared.

Susan Sarandon, "Enchanted"

Disney chose to spoof their own Disney Princess formula with the 2007 live-action movie, "Enchanted." With Amy Adams as the princess, sent into the real world New York City, there was a lot of opportunities to pay homage to animated movies of the past. Everything from "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty" to "Snow White" were referenced in the movie.

The film also brought in a legendary actress to play the evil queen, Narissa. Susan Sarandon took on the role in an opportunity to act over-the-top dramatically and she seemed to almost dwarf the other characters in stature. When she morphed into the giant dragon, it was just icing on the cake.

There is nothing better than playing a villain, and when the Disney Princesses are the opposition, it brings out the best in actresses.

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