Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston Both Pregnant and About to Battle Over Brad Pitt?

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Jen Aniston will light up the screen this summer.

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Jen Aniston will light up the screen this summer.

Are Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston about to take part in the battle of the baby bumps? Recent reports claim that both women are pregnant, and they both want Brad Pitt to play daddy to their babies!

Of course it would make sense for Brad to play dad to Angie's alleged bun in the oven since they're a couple, but why in the world does Jen expect her ex to raise her child?

Does she want Brangelina to adopt the baby so it will have some siblings to play with, or is the baby Brad's biological child? There have been insane reports that a Hollywood agent once advised Jen to get a sperm donation from Brad, after all.

But of course this would just be too crazy - if Jen is actually pregnant at all, of course the father would be her new beau Justin Theroux. According to recent reports, she's a whopping six months along, and Star (via Celebitchy) is claiming that Jen is terrified of becoming a single mom!

She and Justin are allegedly on the verge of a break up after he "stormed out" on her during their holiday vacation in Colorado. This supposedly happened because they got in a fight on Christmas - Jen was hoping that Justin was going to get her an engagement ring as a gift, but she didn't get her hoped-for proposal under the mistletoe. She allegedly called Brad in tears to talk to him about her problems, and now he's given her "false hope" that there's a chance that she can win him back.

Ugh. For one thing, there's no way that Jen is that stupid, desperate, or delusional. And for another, it doesn't seem like she and Justin had issues during their Colorado trip at all - according to Us Weekly, they spent every night in together; took daily skiing lessons together; and were enjoying their vacay so much that they decided to stay a few extra days (Chelsea Handler had been vacationing with them up until that point, so it's likely they wanted some alone time).

And here's more evidence that the story about Jen being scared of being a single mom is likely hogwash - she went skiing in Colorado. If she knew she was about to be a mom (especially if she's six months along), would she really do something so dangerous?

Reports that Angie is pregnant with her seventh child do seem a little more believable - after all, she's already said that she could get pregnant again. A source told OK! Magazine that she's three months along and "savoring every moment" (even her horrible morning sickness). She could announce the pregnancy shortly before the Oscars in order to get her movie "In the Land of Blood and Honey" a little more publicity (if her directorial debut even earns a nomination), but it seems more likely that someone will come forward with a snapshot of her drinking at the Golden Globes that will debunk this story.

So what do you think - will we get to see Jen and Angie butt heads (butt bellies?) in a battle of the baby bumps? And is Angie going to also have to fight for her right to Brad as her kids' dad?

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