Andy Roddick Retires - Why He Should Consider Becoming a 'Biggest Loser' Trainer

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Andy Roddick Retires - Why He Should Consider Becoming a 'Biggest Loser' Trainer

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Andy Roddick should consider joining "The Biggest Loser" as a trainer.

Last night at the US Open, Andy Roddick played the last match of his professional tennis career. We were all pretty bummed to see him lose to Juan Martin del Potro in the round of 16. However, we know that Andy will have many post-retirement career options.

Andy could always consider coaching or commentating. And he will very likely continue his charity work with Andy Roddick Foundation.

However, we also think he should consider joining "The Biggest Loser" family. Here are a few reasons why we think he would make a great trainer.

1) As an elite professional athlete, Andy understands the importance of fitness as a lifelong journey.

As someone who has spent nearly his entire life playing tennis, he is knowledgeable about the ins and out of constant conditioning and proper nutrition. And he's had the discipline to keep fit and to maintain a high level of playing for years. These qualities will be valuable to prospective contestants.

2) He knows what it's like to have to lose weight.

In 2009, Roddick's coach put him on a comprehensive fitness plan that led to a 15-pound weight loss. His increased fitness helped him serve his way into the heartbreaking Wimbledon final of 2009. Of course, we have no doubt that Andy's swimsuit-model wife Brooklyn Decker also inspired him in his quest for physical fitness.

Having been on a weight loss journey of his own, Andy will be able to empathize with the contestants. This is a quality that sets him apart from season 12 trainer Anna Kournikova.

3) Andy is funny and personable, a quality that will help him earn the trust of the contestants.

We loved Andy's personality off-court as well as on-court. We enjoyed his sharp wit and refreshing honesty. As he once joked, "if there were rankings for press conferences, I wouldn't have to worry about dropping out of the top 5, I hope."

While we're excited to see Jillian Michaels return to "The Biggest Loser," we think Andy's humorous and affable disposition would provide a refreshing contrast to Jillian's tough-love style.

4) Every television show needs a hot guy.

For two seasons, Dolvett Quince has fulfilled the hot guy quotient on the show. But we were pretty disappointed with the way he allowed Conda and her cronies to continue their witch hunt against Adrian and Daphne last season.

Maybe it's time for a new trainer, a nice guy who will actually stick up for the underdog and who won't tolerate bullying.

We're going to miss seeing Andy's cute mug on TV. Do you think he would make a great "Biggest Loser" trainer?

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